Minister Dacic participates in a discussion “The Belt and a Road – Balkan Perspective”

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic participated in a general contention “The Belt and a Road: Balkan Perspective”, where he done a opening statement.

Apart from Minister Dacic, Ambassador of a People’s Republic of China to Serbia Li Manchang and Dean of a Faculty of Security Studies Ivica Radovic addressed a assembly by approach of introduction.

Along with a appearance of venerable experts from Serbia and abroad, a contention participants analyzed, in good detail, a opposite aspects of China’s tellurian vital judgment of “One Belt, One Road”, and a effects on a intensification of team-work with a Balkan segment and a countries of Central and Eastern Europe, enclosed in a China-CEEC or, in short, 16+1 mechanism.

The Conference was orderly by a Faculty of Security Studies of Belgrade University, in team-work with member of China’s educational community.

The following is a full chronicle of Minister Dacic’s residence from a conference.

“Esteemed Professor Radovic,

Your Excellency, Ambassador Li Manchang,

Distinguished participants of a International Conference,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my good pleasure to acquire we to a general contention on a New Silk Road, with sold significance on a resource of team-work between China and a countries of Central and Eastern Europe, or 16+1, for short. we wish that this assembly will outcome in critical theoretic and experimental elements to strew additional light on several aspects and practice in a functioning of this mechanism. we trust that this is quite poignant on a eve of a Fifth Summit of Heads of Government of China and CEEC, to be hold in Riga, a collateral of Latvia, in a few days’ time.

Under a authorisation of a State Council (the Government) of a People’s Republic of China, a National Development and Reform Commission, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a Ministry of Commerce of a People’s Republic of China jointly published a request patrician “Vision and Actions on Jointly Building a Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, in late Mar 2014. The request is a kind of a White Paper and it outlines a background, a principles, a content, a mechanisms and a aims of a “New Silk Road” concept. The “One Belt, One Road” judgment is a vital plan that defines a positioning of a PR of China and a simple directions of a tellurian engagement, generally in a Eurasian region. The simple postulates are team-work and networking that produce advantages to all a participants, according to a “win-win” principle. We trust that a judgment is useful and excusable for a Republic of Serbia, for it has a outrageous developmental potential, generally in a area of infrastructural development, boost in a volume of investments, and enlargement of a altogether volume of trade exchange. The Memorandum of Understanding on a Enhancement of Joint Development of a Silk Road Economic Belt between a Government of a Republic of Serbia and a Government of a People’s Republic of China was sealed during a revisit of Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic to a People’s Republic of China between 23 and 27 Nov 2015, while a Memorandum of Understanding on IT Silk Road was sealed on a arise of a ancestral revisit that a President of China Xi Jinping done to Serbia, in Jun 2016.

The China-CEEC team-work resource naturally fits into a “One Belt, One Road” concept. Apart from China, it includes 11 Member States of a European Union, and 5 countries during opposite EU advent stages, given that EU membership is treated as a vital idea of all a 5 possibilities from a Western Balkans. Over a past 5 years, for as prolonged as this resource has been in place, not usually has it fit a reasons for a investiture and existence, yet it has also non-stop adult poignant new horizons and countless areas of cooperation. It is with pleasure that we can note that rarely diversified ties and suggestive family have been determined in many areas: detached from economy, infrastructure and energy, team-work also exists in areas of health system, media, culture, science, education, sports, tourism, informal and city cooperation, inter-party cooperation, team-work and mutual support within general organizations and fora, etc.

I would like to take this event to remember that a Third Meeting of Heads of Government of a People’s Republic of China and a countries of Central and Eastern Europe was hold in Belgrade, between 16 and 17 Dec 2014. That was a many critical foreign-policy entertainment hold in a nation over a past few decades. Apart from fourteen Prime Ministers and Vice-Premiers, a assembly was attended by some-more than 6,200 participants, including some-more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and some-more than 1,000 unfamiliar and internal journalists. The assembly adopted a request “Belgrade Guidelines” that supposing an overview of a formula achieved in a China-CEEC cooperation, and tangible a destiny directions of cooperation, while dual multilateral agreements (MoU on team-work on a plan of Hungarian-Serbian railway and a Framework Agreement on Cooperation in Facilitating Customs Clearance Among a Chinese, Hungarian, Serbian and Macedonian Customs) were signed. At a Fourth Summit of China and CEEC, hold between 24 and 25 Nov 2015 in Suzhou, southeastern Jiangsu Province, a Medium-Term Agenda for Cooperation between China and Central and East European Countries was adopted, as good as a Suzhou Guidelines for Cooperation, while a Framework Agreement on a Modernization and Reconstruction of a Hungary-Serbia Railway in a Territory of a Republic of Serbia was signed. Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic pointed, on a occasion, to a flourishing significance that a Republic of Serbia trustworthy to team-work with a People’s Republic of China, in a context of China-CEEC. The Prime Minister remarkable that Serbia was a heading nation in a segment according to a volume of team-work in a area of infrastructure and one of a pivotal participants in a initial trans-border plan of this mechanism, in a construction of a Belgrade- Budapest railway. Important corner papers will be adopted during a arriving Fifth Summit in Latvia, detached from a vast series of shared agreements that will be concluded on and sealed on a margins of this meeting.

As we already mentioned, a resource involves several Balkan countries: besides Serbia, there are Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania. Moreover, there are a EU Members from a segment – Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. The China-CEEC resource is increasingly gaining a repute of an critical channel for a investiture of cooperation, consolidation of a existent and a building of new ties and family between a countries of a Western Balkans, both among themselves and in association with China and other member states of this mechanism. As we are removing prepared for a contention in today’s seminar, we would like to indicate to a fact that a mass emigration of people, of a young, a elderly, of women and children seeking refuge from war, pang and poverty, is still maturation before a really eyes. The problem of migration, detached from a transnational and tellurian threats such as terrorism, orderly crime and meridian change, is apropos a blazing doubt requiring obligatory response and an complete team-work of a whole general community. The allotment of these formidable problems, mostly jointly intertwined, requires cooperation, with a impasse of a Asian and Mediterranean partners.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Serbia is committed to a encouragement of informal cooperation, as an critical partial of a European path, and it affirms, on all occasions, a need for preserving and compelling informal confidence and stability, as a simple condition for a mercantile wealth of a Western Balkan region. Serbia supports a European aspirations of a neighbours and looks agreeably on a swell of a Western Balkan countries in a European process.

Moreover, it entirely respects a joining of beside countries relating to NATO membership, even yet it has no aspirations to turn a NATO member, itself. Serbia is a militarily neutral, responsible, predicted and arguable partner of a Alliance, with that it maintains grown team-work within a range of a existent Partnership for Peace mechanisms, that is in a corner seductiveness of strengthening a global, and informal confidence in particular. In this sense, a purpose of NATO in securing a reserve of a Serbian and non-Albanian race in Kosovo and Metohija is quite critical for us, as good as a purpose of KFOR, it being a guarantor of confidence and doing of a Brussels Agreement.

Serbia, a segment and Europe are pity a same values and identical confidence challenges. Serbia is resolutely committed to responding to many confidence hurdles of a complicated age, including terrorism and all forms of extremism, and to contributing, in team-work with partners from around a world, to tackling threats, during regional, European and tellurian levels. Being situated along a movement track of story between a Middle East and Western Europe, Serbia and other countries of a Western Balkans share a regard about a risk of terrorism.

In conclusion, we would like to highlight that Serbia is entirely understanding of all a initiatives and processes directed during a consolidation of cooperation, peace, growth and fortitude in a segment of Central and Eastern Europe, and in a evident surroundings. Cooperation and family between Serbia and China have been traditionally accessible and they have been upgraded to a turn of a altogether vital partnership, representing one of a priorities of Serbia’s unfamiliar policy. The China-CEEC resource is a serve channel, that adds uninformed procedure and brings new opportunities, not usually in family with China, yet also with a countries of a Western Balkans and Central and Eastern Europe, as distant as a Black and Baltic Sea coasts.

Finally, concede me to wish we prolific work and a cultivatable sell of views, and to wish a guest from abroad to have a pleasarable, yet short, stay in Serbia.

Thank we for your attention.”

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