Minister Dacic presents a tactful pass to Filip Filipovic

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Ivica_Dacic_Filip_FilipovicFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic presented currently a tactful pass to Filip Filipovic, a waterpolo actor and goodwill ambassador.
Minister Dacic pronounced that this act was an event for a state to repay in this approach too, some-more than symbolically, to sportsmen and sportswomen for winning medals for Serbia.

“A tactful pass is not a precondition for a medallists to be ambassadors of a country, since they have already demonstrated by their formula and by their poise that they are loyal ambassadors of a country”, settled Minister Dacic.

Goodwill Ambassador Filip Filipovic thanked Minister Dacic for this good gesticulate of a state, expressing a wish that a state would continue to support waterpolo players, as with this gesticulate a state showed a turn of appreciation for their achievements and for a approach in that they represented a nation in general competitions.

“This is indeed a good gesticulate by a state, and we am unequivocally flattered to be supposing a tactful passport. we wish to demonstrate my good thankfulness to Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic”.

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