Minister Dacic receives a farewell call from Ambassador of Slovenia

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Ivica Dacic with Vladimir GasparicFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic has perceived currently a farewell call from a Ambassador of Slovenia, Mr. Vladimir Gasparic.

Minister Dacic thanked Ambassador Gasparic for an glorious team-work during his reign in Belgrade and underlined that Serbia and Slovenia had really accessible family that reached a tip turn in new history. He also forked out that a use of holding corner sessions of a dual governments as good as a visits both on high and tip levels reflected a energetic of a shared cooperation. The same trend should be confirmed during a charge of a new supervision in a Republic of Slovenia.

Ambassador Gasparic thanked Minister Dacic for his comfortable accepting and glorious team-work with a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and institutions of a Republic of Serbia, emphasizing that a shared family were on a high turn and that clever seductiveness existed in their serve promotion, quite in a mercantile area. Ambassador Gasparic underscored that he was really blissful about increasing investments in both Serbia and Slovenia, with a annual expansion trend and that it acted as a clever procedure for a altogether team-work between the dual countries.

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