Minister Dacic receives participants of XVI International Congress of Slavists

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XVI International Congress of SlavistsAddress by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a accepting given on a arise of a revisit of members of a commission of a International Committee of Slavists:

“Esteemed academics,
Distinguished scientists,
Dear guests,

I am really gratified to have a eventuality to play horde to a participants of a XVI International Congress of Slavists hold in Belgrade, from 20 -27 August, here during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia that had upheld a eventuality from a really commencement when we presented a candidature to horde a Congress. The fact that Belgrade is hosting such a vital systematic meeting, both for Slavonic and Serbian studies, best illustrates a stress a Serbian educational village attaches to a International Congress of Slavists.

Although Belgrade had been inaugurated to horde a 3rd Congress behind in 1939, it did not take place as a Second World War pennyless out and since of a oneness with a assigned Slavic peoples. Today, opposite a credentials of opposite general circumstances, we have an eventuality to examination a hurdles now confronting a Slavic languages, essentially due to a globalization process, and growth and focus of information technologies commanding a Anglo-Saxon linguistic settlement as a widespread and indispensable one. The domestic and mercantile crises that engulfed a European continent like migration, within a European Union, as good as vast roving flows from a Middle East and Northern Africa, have lifted grave regard among European nations about a presence of their demographic and informative heritage. The crises have not by-passed a Slavic-language systematic community, either.

The conditions in a Balkans is serve difficult by a stability routine of Serbian denunciation fragmentation, where domestic and statehood reasons are used to clear transposition of a singular common denunciation corpus and origination of new denunciation variations, appropriation opposite national/state characteristics on a domestic level, and frequently building their temperament by a rejection of their linguistic original. Due to a fact that a United States of America focused their quarrel for autonomy from a British Empire on political, territorial, mercantile liberation, yet denying for a impulse their English denunciation or carrying no aspirations to branch it into American language, currently – a United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand not usually pronounce a same denunciation yet see a universe and a phenomena with a same eyes. Can we contend that a common denunciation is a bond gripping these countries politically on a same side? Would not a scold linguistic notice of a area of Shtokavian and Ijekavian dialects, taken by Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic as a basement for a Serbian denunciation reform, including poignant tools of today’s Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, be useful for scrupulously bargain a destiny of a Serbian people – divided for centuries between dual strong empires, opposite eremite and domestic systems – many of whom have mislaid their eremite yet not linguistic, identity. As a result, a Gothic novel of Dubrovnik, Kotor and Perast, and other coastal towns contains information about Serbs of Roman Catholic faith, celebrations of a Nemanjics Kingdom as their possess informative and domestic stronghold, unpleasant memories of a Battle of Kosovo, and slain Serbian heroes. Myths, legends, epic ballads that became a aegis of verbal novel were upheld down from one era to a next, interjection to a common denunciation that became a buttress to safety common identity. Therefore, it is no warn that a Serbian literary corpus also embraces writers of Mohammedan faith, who wrote their works in a Serbian language, so sealing their temperament by affiliation. Despite mixed attempts to systematise writers by their geographic/territorial origin, together with a routine of formulating new denunciation varieties, this has not turn a practice, since a language, themes, historiographic information and informative models used for their works enabled them to turn a durability shred of a Serbian informative code.

Famous scientist Ludwick Fleck conveyed a hint by observant that we demeanour during a universe with a possess eyes, yet see it by a eyes of collectivity, and a eyes of that collectivity are a language; therefore, any strategy with connection carries a intensity danger.

An additional problem is a ever flourishing marginalization of a use of a Cyrillic script, fit by a wholeness of a Latin alphabet, that disregards a hazard of relocating divided from a possess linguistic/traditional roots, so undermining inhabitant informative identity, for good. Negligence of this arrange can means an lost harm, demonstrating that all a efforts of a ancestors who finished good sacrifices to urge their language, inhabitant and eremite identity, were in vain. This is where we see a shortcoming of a linguistic systematic community, and we Slavists in a initial place, who contingency urge law and scholarship by corroborating, unprejudiced methods.

Dear friends,

The holding of a 1st Congress of Slavists in Prague in 1929 was a outcome of poignant amicable changes in Europe. The conflict of World War I, fall of 4 empires and, on a one hand, ransom of a Slavic peoples, origination of inhabitant states of Slav peoples, and on a other, a presentation of communism, imposed an requirement to investigate and position Slavic languages differently. Likewise, opposite a backdrop of a new reshaping of a European region, substantiating a supranational entity, declaratively, with equal rights for all states, including in a use of their languages, a doubt arises as to whether, in practice, equal rights are accompanied by equal opportunities. Greater prominence of Slavonic cultures and quite an adequate proceed to younger generations would safeguard improved bargain of a purpose and stress of Slavic peoples via history, yet they were roughly always divided by good energy geostrategic interests and culturally marginalized, some-more mostly than not.

The imprinting of 200 years of a Serbian Dictionary by Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic offers an eventuality to pull courtesy to his good remodel work and significance. Language standardization by clarification of grammatical manners and collection of a denunciation glossary enables study of a particular language, a interpretation and communication with foreigners. This shred of Vuka Karadzic’s work is, therefore, invaluable. Exceptional works of Serbian literature, mostly folk literature, have turn permitted to European open during large. Thus, it is not startling that a good author like Goete was tender by Serbian verbal literature, whose literary/artistic countenance exceeded a boundary of folk artistic production.

Consequently, as a concept item of each nation, denunciation is a informative value of a nation, defender of a aberration and a substructure of a inhabitant identity. It is, therefore, not irrelevant that denunciation we speak, that denunciation a children will speak, and how extensively and where a denunciation will be studied.

I resolutely trust that bringing heading universe Slavists together, a sharp-witted sell of ideas and experiences, reviewing a opening in between a dual congresses and what needs to be finished in a entrance years is a right approach to jointly overcome a hurdles confronting Slavonic studies in a present-day world.

I wish that we had a pleasing and cultivatable stay in a town, over a past 3 days, and that we will leave with uninformed ideas and plans. Although this is certainly not a initial revisit to Belgrade for many of you, we wish we will have good new impressions, enlivening we to come again.

I now entice we to revisit a Serbian Diplomacy Museum. We are unapproachable that, among distinguished diplomats, we will find those who left an memorable symbol in universe and Slavonic literature, such as Andric, Ducic, Rakic, Nusic, and many others who have stirred many immature people to confirm to embark on Serbian denunciation studies.

Thank we for your attention.”

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