Minister Dacic receives a newly allocated Ambassador of a United Arab Emirates

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Ivica Dacic and Mubarak Saeed Al DhaheriFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic perceived currently a pleasantness call from a new Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of a United Arab Emirates Mubarak Saeed Al Dhaheri, whose tactful goal in a Republic of Serbia commenced by a display of his Letters of Credence to President Aleksandar Vucic, on 16 Feb 2018.

In a considerate conversation, Minister Dacic welcomed a Ambassador and wished him a successful term-of-office, conveying his faith that a Ambassador would say a activities on a encouragement of team-work in all areas of mutual interest, in a footsteps of his prototype from a UAE, underlining that he could count on his support and that of Serbian institutions.

Minister Dacic voiced his pleasure with a traditionally good shared family and a ceiling trend in a dual countries’ team-work over a past 5 years, during both domestic and mercantile level. The Minister forked out that there was room for heightening shared team-work in a areas of agriculture, defence, energy, polite engineering, and range for augmenting a altogether blurb sell in additional of EUR100 million in 2017.

The Minister pronounced that a series of shared agreements sealed so distant constituted an critical authorised horizon for serve growth of general relations, in expectation of a shortly finalization and end of new ones. He also pronounced that he approaching a certain response from a Emirates per a unilaterally abolished visas on a partial of Serbia.

The Serbian Foreign Minister flagged adult a dual countries’ leaders intensely considerate communication, and meetings with his counterpart, who is about to revisit Serbia. The Minister sensitive a Ambassador that a appointment of an gifted diplomat as Serbian Ambassador to a United Arab Emirates was in a pipeline, expressing his faith that a Ambassador’s shortly arrogance of duties would significantly minister to a serve alleviation of both shared and multilateral team-work with a Emirates.

Ambassador Al Dhaheri thanked Minister Dacic for a audience, expressing both his wish and a willingness of a United Arab Emirates to build unusual shared family with a Republic of Serbia, that were, inter alia, also reflected in a loan with a smallest seductiveness and special comforts postulated to Serbia. The Ambassador forked to a vital partnership between a dual countries, that gave arise to a investiture of Air Serbia – a new airline. He pronounced that his goal would be dedicated to strengthening a altogether shared team-work which, regardless of a geographic distance, progressed towards a execution of a corner vision, in a seductiveness of a dual countries.

He thanked a tactful member of Serbia in Abu Dhabi, creation a certain comment of their work and activities. He pronounced that a Emirates had allocated Minister of State Sultan Al Jaber as Co-Chair of a Joint Committee on Economic Cooperation with a Republic of Serbia and that, in this regard, he approaching Serbia to designate a other Co-Chair, too. Ambassador Al Dhaheri also combined that a Emirates had already deliberate a emanate of reciprocal visa abolition, and that Serbia could design a certain response.

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