Minister Dacic sends a upraise minute during a flitting of a fable of Serbian film industry, Ljubisa Samardzic

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Ljubisa Samardzic_R.I.P_2017First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic offering his condolences to a family of late Ljubisa Samardzic.

“Please accept my intense condolences during a flitting of your father and father, Ljubisa – a fable of Serbian and Yugoslav cinematography.

His talent and singular facilities stole a hearts of large assembly opposite a former Yugoslavia.

Ljubisa always put his heart and loyal emotions into his work, and many generations have grown adult examination his memorable roles. He will therefore be worshiped forever.

On a personal note, we will always remember him as a friend, deferential and prepared to offer assistance and support even during a many formidable times. we am certain that he will be remembered a same approach by Serbia, too”, reads a upraise minute from Minister Dacic.

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