Minister Dacic sends a minute of upraise to a Foreign Minister of Sweden

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dacicFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic sent a minute to Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden Ms. Margot Wallström, charity his condolences after a militant conflict in Stockholm, ensuing in comfortless deaths of trusting victims.

“Following a militant conflict in Stockholm, that resulted in comfortless deaths of a adults of a Kingdom of Sweden, we extend to you, Excellency, to your Government and to a families of a victims, many surpassing and intense condolences on interest of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on my possess behalf.

It is with low grief that we sympathize with a grief of a victims’ families and friends. Serbia is confounded by this violent act, and a trusting victims are a warning to us that terrorism brooks no boundaries, and that we contingency mount joined in counterclaim of a core values of amiability and a civilization that we share in common”, reads a upraise minute from Minister Dacic.

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