Minister Dacic sends a minute of condolences following a comfortless mining collision in northern Iran

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iranFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic sent a minute of condolences to a Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Islamic Republic of Iran Mohammad, Javad Zarif, following a comfortless detriment of miners’ lives in a spark cave in a north of Iran.

“It is with surpassing grief that we perceived a news of a comfortless collision that resulted in a detriment of several lives, and we are fearing for a lives of those trapped subterraneous after a accident.

On interest of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia and on my possess behalf, we communicate my many intense condolences to you, Excellency, to your Government, and to a families of a victims.

In a moments of painful pain, it is formidable to give comfort to a families that have mislaid their desired ones. we trust that those who died in a try to save their co-workers and friends will be remembered as dauntless group who carried out their avocation justly and conscientiously.

The adults of Serbia are sympathizing with a pain of a bereaved families and friends many sincerely. In these formidable moments, a thoughts go to them”, reads a upraise minute sealed by a Serbian Foreign Minister.

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