Minister Dacic speaks during a opening rite of media training for diplomats of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Address by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic during a cocktail accepting hold on a arise of a commencement of media training for diplomats of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, orderly in team-work with a United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office:

Dear guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I am gay to have a event to pronounce to we on a arise of a 180th anniversary of a investiture of tactful family between Serbia and a United Kingdom.

Since a commencement of a year, several events have been clinging to roughly two-centuries-long team-work between a countries and their fondness in a dual World Wars. Promotion and popularization of a ties existent between a dual countries, and their cultures, are an critical charge of a open tact sections, that have worked together this year to classify media training for diplomats from a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia. As a outcome of a kind efforts done by Her Britannic Majesty’s Embassy in Belgrade, a “Diplo Foundation” held, in team-work with a possess Diplomatic Academy and a Public Diplomacy Section, a array of workshops for MFA employees, who will advantage from them in doing their digital tact activities and destiny appearances in a media.

The United Kingdom has been ranked by a University of Southern California Centre on Public Diplomacy as a second universe energy in a open tact sector, for 2017, tighten second after France, and we am quite gratified that we will be training from a best about how to make a voice strech out as distant as probable in sequence to make ourselves heard. What we can honour ourselves on are a pretentious immature people operative in a Ministry, who will – we am certain – be means to learn a ropes of tellurian digital tact and contribute, with their skills and creativity, to a confirmation of a unfamiliar process of a Republic of Serbia in a digital era. We also have a penetrating seductiveness in a possibilities offering by a digital universe in a fields of enhancing team-work with a possess and unfamiliar citizens, i.e. in carrying a speedier, easier and some-more permitted approach of creation a consular information available.

Cooperation on this project, and a participation of UK experts in Belgrade, will positively strengthen a team-work existent between a countries, that is a common goal.

I trust that, by opening a doorway to digital diplomacy, a opening will be means to strech out serve and during an accelerated pace; a arguments will directly get to a interlocutors, be they universe officials, or a possess and unfamiliar adults who are in need of consular services. This is of peerless significance in a globalized universe of today, increasingly relying on a new media as a source of simple information. we am also assured that compelling a opening in this approach will usually assistance us connect a picture as a modern, efficient and convincing diplomacy, that we have been building for years now, with ever flourishing success.

In conclusion, might we thank, once again, a UK partners for creation a doing of this plan probable and demonstrate my faith that we will not usually be unapproachable of a opening of a diplomats attending a training, though that, with a relapse of time, we will be enclosed in a investigate of a University of Southern California on many effective open diplomacies.

Last though not least, we would like to acquire and appreciate a members of a House of Lords and a House of Commons of a UK Parliament for being with us today.

Thank you.”

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