Minister Dacic talked with David Schwendiman

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met now Chief Prosecutor of a Special Court to prosecute KLA fight crimes David Schwendiman.

Specialized Prosecutor’s Office will examine allegations of fight crimes and crimes opposite amiability committed between 1998 and a finish of 2000 in Kosovo and Metohija, and referred to in Dick Marty’s news submitted to a Council of Europe in 2011.

The Special Prosecutor’s Office headed by Mr. Schwendiman was determined on 1 Sep 2016, with a chair located in The Hague and now carrying 35 staff and skeleton to boost it to 65.

Prosecutor Schwendiman emphasized that this was his initial debate of a segment while portion in this capacity, within that he also visited Pristina, with a aim to benefaction himself to a efficient member of applicable institutions of a Government of a Republic of Serbia with whom he would work together in a destiny and announced that he approaching assistance when requesting team-work on specific cases. In particular, he forked out that, as a professional, he would be obliged for translating a past duration of work on investigations, that had lasted for some-more than 4 years, into petrify indictments and completing his work. Furthermore, he voiced his faith that a victims and survivors indispensable to feel that probity had been served and should be treated with respect. The support for opening a Special Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade is approaching as good as entrance to applicable papers and witnesses.

Minister Dacic forked out that a Serbian supervision upheld a work of a Court and a Prosecutor’s Office for War Crimes. He stressed that he believed that a investiture of these institutions was a form of assembly a mandate of a Republic of Serbia to examine crimes committed opposite Serbs during a dispute in a former SFRY even-handedly and equally, that had not been a box so far. He affianced logistical and authorised support to a Prosecutor’s Office, with a expectancy that a user partial of a routine would start as shortly as possible.

The assembly was attended by Mr. Veljko Odalovic, Secretary General of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and President of a Commission on Missing Persons, who talked with Prosecutor Schwendiman about his believe and believe while operative with families of blank persons. The Prosecutor asked a President of a Commission to communicate to these people his seductiveness and commitment.

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