Minister Dacic talks to Foreign Minister of Tajikistan, Eritrea and Bhutan

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On his final day of stay in New York, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic had a series of shared meetings, in a margins of a UNGA session. Minister Dacic talked to a Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan, Eritrea and Bhutan.

In a assembly with a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan, Mr. Aslov Sirodjidin Muhridinovich, Minister Dacic assessed that a family between a dual states were friendly, and voiced Serbia’s willingness to foster team-work in several fields, generally in trade and mercantile cooperation. The Minister also suggested that a dual sides should cruise signing agreements on scientific, technological and informative cooperation, insurance of investments and extermination of visas on all forms of transport papers hold by adults of both states.

The Minister thanked for a scrupulous position of Tajikistan per a emanate of Kosovo and Metohija, and invited Minister Aslov to revisit Serbia.

Minister Aslov underlined a good shared family and a significance of team-work during a shared level, and in general and informal organizations. He concluded that additional efforts should be invested to raise team-work in all areas, expressing a willingness to revisit Serbia.

In a talks with a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Eritrea, Mr. Osman Mohammed Saleh, both sides remarkable a good and accessible family between a dual states.

Minister Saleh emphasized that a position of Eritrea per Kosovo and Metohija was firm, and that it would not change.

The Serbian Foreign Minister emphasized that Serbia was meddlesome in strengthening and enhancing team-work in all areas, generally in a fields of economy, enlightenment and education. On a occasion, Minister Dacic pronounced that he would cruise a probability of visiting Eritrea in a arriving period.

In a assembly with a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bhutan, Lyonpo Damcho Dorji, a Ministers concluded that a family between a dual countries had been traditionally good ever given a epoch of a former SFRY, observant that there was room for serve encouragement of mercantile cooperation, and team-work in education.

Minister Dacic sensitive his reflection from Bhutan about a discourse between Belgrade and Pristina, and thanked for a country’s scrupulous position per a emanate of Kosovo and Metohija.

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