Minister Dacic talks to a Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia

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Optimized-dacic hamidi_24820161First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic is staying in New York, where he will attend in tomorrow’s assembly of a United Nations Security Council, where a quarterly Report of a UN Secretary-General concerning a work of UNMIK will be considered.

“The UN Security Council binds quarterly discussions on a Report of a UN Secretary-General concerning a conditions in a Province; hence, forward of a UNSC session, a assembly is always hold with a nation holding a United Nation Security Council Presidency, this now being Malaysia.

I also talked now with a Deputy Prime Minister and a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia, who are both visiting New York.

We discussed a shared relations. Serbia has had traditionally good family with Malaysia ever given a time of Tito. Malaysia has abolished visas for adults of Serbia, and a Government of a Republic of Serbia will really shortly take a reciprocal magnitude and free adults of Malaysia from a visa requirement, though in a prolonged run, it is critical for us to enter into an agreement on mutual extermination of visas.

On a other hand, it is required to urge a turn of contact, and thereby of a mercantile cooperation. we called on them to try, like some other vital countries from a East did, to classify a organisation of countries from a region, with that they would have special and specific mercantile interests and corner meetings. Serbia’s foreign-trade sell with Malaysia is really limited, though in a prolonged run, their investors competence rise an seductiveness in Serbia.

Malaysia, as a really critical nation now presiding over a UN Security Council, has an critical purpose in ASEAN, and we have to say a team-work with this country.

When it comes to a event of a UNSC, we design a really exhilarated discuss with a member of Pristina. This time around as well, Pristina’s deputy to a United States Vlora Çitaku, scandalous for her pretentious and extreme attacks opposite Serbia during any event of a UNSC, will be behaving on interest of Pristina. we will conflict such tongue and motive by all means.

We wish to say a good family in a region, we wish informal assent and stability, though we can't accept uneven acts such as a uneven stipulation of autonomy of Kosovo, and we are also insisting on a arrangement of a Community of Serbian Municipalities.

I will also be deliberating all this with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday”, Minister Dacic settled in New York.

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