Minister Dacic: „The Republic of Serbia continues to say a unaffected joining to informal team-work and willingness to play a concrete purpose in overcoming obstacles and misunderstandings of a past, aiming to grasp mutual reconciliation.“

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SEECPStatement by FDPM and MFA H.E. Mr. Ivica Dačić during a spontaneous assembly of ministers of unfamiliar affairs of a South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP)

Mr. President,
My associate Ministers,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my honour to residence we here in Banjaluka, on interest of a Republic of Serbia. we wish to start by expressing my thankfulness to a Chairmanship-in-Office of a South-East European Cooperation Process for organizing this meeting, giving us an event to accommodate again and sell views concerning a altogether conditions and stream developments in a region. we would serve like to praise a priorities of a Bosnia and Herzegovina Chairmanship focusing underneath a sign “Better Connectivity for Better Life” on serve improving connectivity in a region, as a really substructure of a destiny swell of informal cooperation.
Dear colleagues,
It has been some-more than dual decades given a launch of a South-East European Cooperation Process, and 18 years given a adoption of a Charter on Good-Neighbourly Relations, Stability, Security and Cooperation in South Eastern Europe. During this period, a general resources have extremely altered compared to a final decade of a 20th century, giving a present-day-world a opposite appearance, with new hurdles and threats, as good as new actors on a general stage. Nevertheless, there is still a need to urge informal team-work and good-neighbourly family as a approach of substantiating assent and fortitude in a region. we contingency contend that all of us together, in a suggestion of solidarity, have been means to safety informal stability, notwithstanding confronting some new challenges.

I find it required to underscore today, too, that advent to a European Union stays one of a priorities in a unfamiliar routine of a Republic of Serbia. So far, fourteen chapters have been non-stop in a routine of advent negotiations with a EU, 2 of that have been provisionally closed. we would like to stress that we do not understand membership of a European Union as an finish in itself – it is a negotiating routine that we see as a categorical motorist to lift out elemental reforms. We would really many demeanour brazen to an acceleration of a negotiations, anticipating that all of a negotiating chapters upheld by a required conditions will be non-stop in a nearby future, and that Serbia will be enabled to combine a efforts to make full use of a demonstrative 2025 advent date.

Despite a obstacles along a trail to a EU accession, a duration behind us has also witnessed some certain stairs forward, such as a bid of a Bulgarian Presidency of a Council of a European Union to keep a Western Balkans high on a agenda, and a announcement of “A Credible Enlargement Perspective for and Enhanced EU Engagement with a Western Balkans” by a European Commission, a plan indicating 2025 as a intensity for Serbia and Montenegro to enter a European Union. The delay of a EU formation routine of a Republic of Serbia and of a whole segment is also speedy by a fact that a Austrian Presidency of a Council of a European Union in a second half of 2018 has also enclosed a confidence of South-East Europe, and in this context a discernible swell on a formation of a Western Balkans, among a priorities of a Presidency. We also design that a incoming EU Presidencies, including that of Romania as a next-door neighbour, will keep a increase thesis on their agendas, it being one of a EU’s many successful policies ever, which, according to a analyses, in no approach contradicts a mostly mentioned need to remodel a Union itself.

I would also like to singular out a formula of a remodel bulletin followed by a Government of a Republic of Serbia, and quite those achieved in a economy. The implemented, tough and extensive reforms have resulted in mercantile converging and macroeconomic stability, and have led to a open debt rebate and budgetary surplus. Furthermore, a Republic of Serbia has managed to record a high mercantile growth, a top in a final 10 years according to a estimates by a European Commission and general financial institutions, even reaching 4.6%.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The gait of a Republic of Serbia’s advent to a European Union is mostly contingent on a Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, that is now during a pivotal stage. we contingency remember that we have shown willingness for concede and put brazen constructive proposals in sequence to arrive during a jointly acceptable, tolerable and durability solution. we trust that we need to have open discussions and to give critical care to each choice on a table, a best of that would, of course, be a one that both sides to a discourse determine on. The bargain and support of a partners stays to be of a pinnacle significance on this severe path.

The Republic of Serbia continues to say a unaffected joining to informal team-work and willingness to play a concrete purpose in overcoming obstacles and misunderstandings of a past, aiming to grasp mutual reconciliation. Serbia’s joining to informal team-work has also been reflected in a support to substantiating new informal initiatives, such as a Western Balkans Fund, Regional Youth Cooperation Office, Chamber Investment Forum, a Transport Community, etc. The Republic of Serbia has also, to a best of a abilities, continued to minister to a allotment of open informal issues and other disputes, so behaving as a predicted and convincing partner in a region. We unambiguously support a mercantile formation of a region, including a routine of digitalization and infrastructural connectivity as being critical for success, as good as a ongoing activities directed during shortening a general roaming use prices in a region.

Allow me to wish Bosnia and Herzegovina good fitness and success in a SEECP Chairmanship-in-Office, and also to stress a continued willingness of a Republic of Serbia to minister to a deepening of cooperation, in sequence for a segment to sojourn an area of security, fortitude and good-neighbourly family and turn a segment of wealth for all.

Thank we for your attention.

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