Minister Dacic welcomed a unfamiliar ministers of Norway and Macedonia

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Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic welcomed currently a Foreign Ministers of a Kingdom of Norway and Macedonia, Berge Brende and Nikola Dimitrov.

Minister Dacic welcomed a dual Foreign Ministers and thanked them for attending a central accepting on a arise of arrogance of duties by President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic.

On that occasion, a 3 Ministers discussed shared relations, a European paths of Serbia and Macedonia and a conditions in a region.

Minister Dacic thanked his Norwegian reflection on ancillary mercantile and amicable reforms, supposing by Norway to Serbia by several shared team-work programs, and stressed a need to continue with these reforms.

Minister Brende stressed that Serbia and Norway were friends and partners, whose mercantile team-work was rising, and voiced wish that, along with a swell on a European trail that Norway strongly supported, Serbia would attract some-more Norwegian investors.

Considering a conditions in a region, a Serbian Foreign Minister reiterated a clever joining to a process of informal fortitude and cooperation. In this regard, they stressed a need to continue a discourse between Belgrade and Pristina.

Ministers Dacic and Dimitrov concluded that a fortitude of a segment was a priority for both countries and estimated that, notwithstanding a new pointy rhetoric, a dual governments would successfully cooperate. Serbia and Macedonia have a common idea – EU membership, and they contingency assistance any other along that path.

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