Minister Dacic welcomed a new deputy of UNICEF in a Republic of Serbia

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Ivica dacic with Regina de DominicisFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic welcomed currently a new deputy of UNICEF in Serbia Regina de Dominicis, who took bureau on 23 Aug 2018.

In a considerate and open conversation, Minister Dacic commended a grant of UNICEF bureau in Belgrade to a altogether efforts to raise a position of children and to foster a insurance of a rights of a child in a Republic of Serbia. He remarkable a significance of UNICEF’s rendezvous and a need for good team-work between this critical UN Fund and a efficient institutions in Serbia to continue.

The Head of Serbian tact assessed that UNICEF in Serbia had achieved poignant formula and that it had been famous widely as a heading general group in providing petrify assistance to and safeguarding a rights of a child.

Minister Dacic wished a new UNICEF deputy successful team-work with a efficient institutions in a Republic of Serbia, charity his full personal support and that of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where necessary.

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