Minister Dacic with Canadian officials on graduation of domestic discourse between a dual countries

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met yesterday in Ottawa Speakers of both houses of a Parliament of Canada, a Speaker of a Senate, Hon. George Furey and a Speaker of a House of Commons, Hon. Geoff Regan.

Minister Dacic reliable a willingness to foster family with Canada and generally a domestic discourse during high level, and therefore invited them to revisit Serbia.

The assembly was an event to plainly plead a Serbian-Canadian relations, as good as a series of issues such as Canada’s support to Serbia’s European integration, a discourse between Belgrade and Pristina, a conditions in a Western Balkans and a family with NATO.

New membership of a Serbia – Canada Parliamentary Friendship Group, comprising 16 Senators and MPs and forming a Serbian Caucus in Canada, will be inaugurated currently in a Canadian Parliament.

Finalization of an Air Transport Agreement and a start of visa liberalization will be a pivotal issues in a year imprinting 75 years of tactful family between a dual countries.

During his revisit to Canada, a Serbian Foreign Minister also met with Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship John McCallum, and on that arise they rigourously commenced talks on a domestic turn between a dual parties on a rising of visa liberalization as good as on a lifting of restrictions opposite members of a administration of a former FRY.

It was resolved that these were issues implying mixed jurisdictions – unfamiliar affairs, inner affairs and immigration and therefore meetings of a efficient consultant teams were necessary. The Serbian celebration reliable a willingness to include, in a duration ahead, a parliamentary organisation of loyalty that existed in both Serbian and Canadian Parliaments in providing domestic support.

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