Minister Ivica Dacic congratulated all a adults of Serbia on Victory Day and Europe Day

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daFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic congratulated currently all a adults of Serbia on Victory Day and Europe Day.

“Victory Day, a 9th of May, will sojourn a pitch of intrepidity and togetherness of a peoples who succeeded in fortifying their countries and a universe opposite a misfortune immorality of a prior century – fascism. The adults of Serbia should proudly remember their stately antifascist past.

It is a avocation to respect, value and save from unconcern a birthright upheld on to us from those who laid their lives fighting for leisure and opposite fascism. Those were a generations of a ancestors who literally saved a world, by finale a quarrel and laying a foundations for peace, so enabling us to have a benefaction and a future.

After a tragedy of a Second World War, a ideas of anti-fascism, freedom, probity and assent were a foundations that desirous a origination of today’s European Union, as a village of European states and peoples, where Serbia belongs as well, and to whose full membership it aspires.

Today, we are unfortunately witnessing attempts during relativizing a crimes of fascism and equating victims and culprits, as good as during reviving ideas of exclusiveness, loathing and intolerance. It is a avocation to forestall story from being revised by such attempts and to face all a stream hurdles that could put in danger a blessings of peace.

We have to sojourn committed to a refuge of leisure and assent for that they gave their lives. United with all of a friends worldwide, we need to urge a common values – freedom, democracy, security, tellurian rights and quarrel dogmatism and hatred. Because any and each one of us has a good weight of shortcoming to bear for a generations to come”, reads a congratulatory summary by a Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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