Ministers Dacic and Kotzias plead shared and informal issues

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met currently in Athens with Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Hellenic Republic Nikos Kotzias.

“I would like to underline that a hint of a family is that we are friends, brothers even. This is also reflected in a chronological accessible ties and mutual oneness shown by a ages.

Two Serbian dedicated places that any Serb should revisit are situated in a domain of Greece, namely a Hilandar Monastery as good as a Island of Vido nearby Corfu. This proves how deeply we are companion and it is obligatory on politicians to follow these mutual holds existent between a dual peoples.

I am blissful that a High Council for Cooperation between Serbia and Greece will accommodate in Thessaloniki on Thursday. The Serbian Delegation will be headed by President Aleksandar Vucic and we will plead essential topics concerning a mutual relations, family in a region, as good as stirring vital infrastructure projects.

Greece is among a largest investors in Serbia, a investments amounting to over EUR 2 billion. In a prior year, their trade amounted to about EUR 400 million and continued to grow, so we design an even aloft turn of sell to be reached in a entrance years.

Serbia and Greece should support and assistance any other. Serbia stays strongly committed to fortifying a territorial firmness of Cyprus and we are beholden to both Cyprus and Greece for ancillary a territorial firmness of Serbia, and for their position concerning Kosovo and Metohija.

It is really critical that we say a unchanging energetic in communication, plead informal issues – such as a change of Turkey in a region, emigration crisis, while we should also plead team-work in fighting terrorism as good as a disastrous change of a Greater Albania factor, and also problems concerning a name of and family with a Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

We concluded to accommodate twice a year, swapping venues of meetings between Serbia and Greece, that consultations between a dual particular sectors should be unchanging and to orchestrate a positions aiming for an softened mutual support”, pronounced a Head of Serbian tact currently in Athens.

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