Ministers Dacic, Kotzias plead team-work between Serbia and Greece, unfamiliar process conditions and a conditions in a region

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Ivica Dacic with Nikolaos KotziasFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic had a assembly with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece Nikolaos Kotzias in Belgrade today.
At a news discussion following a meeting, Ministers Dacic and Kotzias underlined that Serbia and Greece were normal friends, both observant that no superb issues existed in a shared family between their countries.

“It is required that a mutual team-work be extended and best orderly to capacitate a countries to be of assistance to any other”, settled a Serbian Foreign Minister.

Minister Dacic forked out that his discussions with a Greek Foreign Minister focused on a team-work between a dual Ministries, a High-Level Cooperation Council between Serbia and Greece, stream unfamiliar process conditions and a conditions in a region.

Minister Kotzias emphasized that Serbia belonged to a European family, that his nation felt shortcoming for a fortitude of a region, and that it would concur with Serbia.

“We discussed a conditions in a region, as good as how to unseat a loyalty into unsentimental team-work not usually in a European Union, though wherever we can be of assistance to any other.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikolaos Kotzias settled that a Hellenic Republic would not commend a autonomy of Kosovo, adding that Kosovo’s trade deputy bureau in Athens would not be a tactful mission.

Minister Kotzias invited Minister Dacic to a Meeting between a EU Member States and 5 intensity EU countries, to take place in May, that – he pronounced – was supposed by a Serbian Foreign Minister.

After a meeting, Minister Dacic presented to a Greek Foreign Minister a bullion coin, released by a National Bank of Serbia in 2014 on a arise of a centenary of a conflict of a First World War; Trade Agreement between a Kingdom of Serbia and a Kingdom of Greece of 1882; and a 1913 Treaty of Friendship and Alliance between Serbia and Greece.

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