More visit meetings between Serbian and Nepal businessmen to benefaction their economies and team-work potentials

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Nepal Chamber of Commerce in KatmanduFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic, who is on an central revisit to Nepal, visited currently a Nepal Chamber of Commerce in Katmandu. 

In his talks with members of a Nepal Chamber of Commerce and distinguished invitees, a Serbian Foreign Minister voiced his pleasure during visiting Nepal. He underlined that a family between Serbia and Nepal were traditionally good, formed on mutual bargain and trust. He forked out that, in a entrance year – 2019, Serbia and Nepal would symbol a 60th anniversary of a investiture of their shared relations, and voiced wish that Serbian and Nepal businessmen would attend in this critical celebration, in sequence to feature a growth of family between a dual countries. 

“I am really gratified with a swell achieved in a mercantile team-work between Serbia and Nepal, over a past years, quite by a appearance of Nepal companies in Serbia. we am essentially referring to “CG Corporation” of Katmandu, that non-stop in Ruma, on 5 Oct 2017, a initial European bureau for a prolongation of noodles and other semi-processed pastries.”

Minister Dacic emphasized that Serbia had an seductiveness in enhancing a mercantile family with Nepal, both in a area of trade, as good as on a turn of investments and appearance in infrastructural and other projects in Nepal. The Minister serve underlined that a Serbian economy had a clever rural intensity and an seductiveness in charity Nepal a rural products and team-work in a area of scientific-technical team-work in agriculture.

“I trust that a today’s assembly is a initial step in a investiture of approach contacts between a chambers of commerce of Serbia and Nepal, and we wish that we will shortly have an event to acquire in Serbia some of a businessmen who are here with us today,” settled a Serbian Foreign Minister.

Bearing in mind that a dual markets were distant apart, and a deficient believe of a mercantile potentials of a countries, Minister Dacic due some-more revisit meetings between Serbian and Nepal businessmen, classification of promotional activities directed during presenting a economies and their team-work potentials. Nepal businessmen supposed a offer of Minister Dacic to revisit Serbia, and a revisit would take place this September.

“I would like to assure we that a Government of a Republic of Serbia, i.e. a Chamber of Commerce and applicable mercantile institutions, as good as a Serbian Embassy in New Delhi, will be your efficient and well-intentioned interlocutors who will be during your ordering for any information, information or recommendation we might need in a comment of your interests and business opportunities in a country. we am looking brazen to assembly we shortly in Serbia, where we are always welcome”, resolved Minister Dacic in his address.

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