Organization of a Black Sea Economic Cooperation and a Member States have been contributing to a fortitude and growth of a segment already for 25 years

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic participated currently in a festival Summit of a Organization of a Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), imprinting a 25th anniversary of a investiture of a Organization.

The festival Summit was chaired by President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The Summit adopted a Joint Declaration of a BSEC Member States.

Following is a matter by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a Summit of a Organization of a Black Sea Economic Cooperation:

“Mr. President,
Mr. Secretary-General,

First of all, we would like to conclude a horde Turkey and a President for a glorious classification of a Summit and for a kind liberality extended to us.

It has already been 25 years that a Organization of a Black Sea Economic Cooperation and a Member States have been contributing to a fortitude and growth of this region. For a entertain of a century, a BSEC has been endeavouring to urge a peculiarity of life for over 350 million people by corner initiatives, projects and meetings. Founded on a thought to facilitate, by mercantile cooperation, a allotment of domestic disputes and to urge a family between states, a BSEC constitutes a specific horizon for cooperation, sell of views and other forms of inter-state and any other team-work as well.

However, an general classification is usually as successful as a basic Member States would like, and allow, it to be. Accordingly, a BSEC has had a ups and downs, reflected in deficiency of doing of specific projects and a miss of financial resources, among others.

The Republic of Serbia was not there during a investiture of a BSEC, though has assimilated a Organization later, full of unrestrained and faith in team-work and good amicable family among a Member States. Serbia has confirmed this position ever since. In this context, we would like to repeat what member of Serbia have been emphasizing during BSEC meetings from a initial day of a membership – we are open for team-work with all BSEC Member States, generally in terms of enhancing a economy of a countries in a shred and improving a peculiarity of life of their people. We trust that a BSEC should offer as a horizon for a growth of trade, investment, tourism and many other areas applicable to mercantile prosperity.

Although one of a BSEC goals is to foster assent and fortitude in a region, we trust that we should equivocate opening domestic issues, and concentration only on mercantile and other forms of team-work on that we have consensus. we am assured that a good mercantile meridian and customary of vital of a people will also inspire fortitude of some superb domestic issues existent between certain Member States.

Let me take this event to demonstrate my country’s views on specific issues. Serbia is committed to a growth of trade among Member States and supports all projects directed during formulating a enlightened investment meridian in a shred that would attract unfamiliar investment. We rarely conclude and value a growth of team-work in a fields of transport, tourism and energy. We trust that these 3 sectors are essential for a encouragement of economy, forming a strongest item of Member States, both in their mutual family and in a family with third countries. Serbia advocates inclusion of a private zone in BSEC activities and projects, given private companies are a protagonists of a growth we am referring to.

I would like to underline that, in a fulfilment of a pronounced goals, Serbia attaches good courtesy to a tolerable growth concept, quite in a shred of a United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We trust that, in a origination and doing of projects, sold courtesy should be paid to their conformance with a principles, assessed by probably all UN Member States as needed for a presence in a future.

Serbia supports team-work with other general organizations, quite those of an mercantile nature, such as a Danube Commission, World Trade Organization, UNWTO, UNECE, etc. We serve trust that building family with a European Union, by synergy or within other horizon a Member States would determine upon, is of good significance for a economy of a region, deliberation a investment and creation intensity offering by a European Union.

I trust that a presence and growth of BSEC will need a remodel of a Organization itself, in a entrance period. Over a past 25 years, we have gained a sufficient volume of knowledge to be means to commend and discharge a pivotal obstacles to a work of a Organization, to concentration on segments on that there is a consensus, and take them as a basement for addressing issues that we remonstrate on. we truly trust that a work and a priorities of a Organization, as good as a opinion of Member States towards a beginning itself, will need to bear critical reforms, in a entrance period. we consider that this could be one of a messages of a Summit. Otherwise, it would meant that we have not schooled anything in a past 25 years, so because would a subsequent 25 years be any better?

In today’s universe of mercantile crises, troops conflicts, rare migration, retraction of states, and terrorism, organizations like BSEC can make a difference. This is a idea to that Serbia is profoundly committed. After all, it is transparent that a countries of a region, like all countries opposite a world, have their domestic differences and open issues that can't be resolved overnight. In this context, we trust that a growth of mercantile team-work is a best approach for a countries to find a common denominator, and emanate a meridian that would foster a reaching of a resolution excusable to all.

I would like to demonstrate good compensation of a Republic of Serbia during a accord reached onthe adoption of a Summit Declaration. In this way, Member States have demonstrated their willingness and solve for mutual cooperation, so holding a step brazen towards a goals promoted by a BSEC.

Thank you!”

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