Political consultations hold between Foreign Ministries of Serbia and Belarus

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Konsultacije _1On Thursday, 6 Oct 2016, unchanging domestic consultations between a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia and a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Belarus during a turn of Assistant Ministers were reason in Belgrade. The Serbian commission was headed by Acting Assistant Minister Dragan Momcilovic, and a Belarusian one by Deputy Foreign Minister Elena Kupchina.

Both delegations remarkable with pleasure a successful growth of domestic and all other forms of team-work in a past years, also reflected in a unchanging domestic discourse being confirmed during high and tip levels. At a same time, they underlined that a really good domestic family were not matched by an mercantile team-work of a same level, even yet efforts were done and new modalities explored for a serve promotion. Firstly, eagerness and an end existed towards expanding a trade to other, some-more modernized forms of cooperation, essentially in a prolongation of line dictated not usually for markets of a dual countries, though other markets as well.

The delegations also deliberate a far-reaching operation of issues concerning team-work in a frameworks of general organizations, forums and initiatives, similar to say serve a good communication while fluctuating mutual support. The Serbian commission voiced thankfulness for a unchanging and scrupulous support of Belarus to a refuge of government and territorial integrity, as was also a box in a opinion on supposed Kosovo’s bid to join UNESCO.

It was highlighted that mutual team-work had been expanding and that it, as of today, enclosed not usually a Governments and Ministries, though also 22 cities and municipalities opposite both countries. It was remarkable that inter-sectoral team-work between a dual Foreign Ministries was also expanding, and that it, in further to domestic consultations, lonesome consultations on consular and general authorised affairs as well.

It was concluded in element to reason a subsequent turn of domestic consultations in Minsk in 2017.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/15783-political-consultations-held-between-foreign-ministries-of-serbia-and-belarus