Political consultations hold between Serbia and Lithuania

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ert 2112016On 2 Nov 2016, a turn of unchanging domestic consultations between a Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Serbia and Lithuania was hold in Belgrade. Serbia’s commission was headed by Acting Assistant Foreign Minister for a EU Ambassador Marina Jovicevic, while a Lithuanian commission was led by Vidmantas Purlys, Director of a European Union Department in a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Lithuania.

In a talks, a series of issues was deliberate concerning a dynamics of opening negotiating chapters with Serbia, informal cooperation, EU Eastern Neighbourhood Policy and a family with a Russian Federation. It was remarkable that a shared family between Serbia and Lithuania were good, aiming to feature serve a team-work and mutual contacts. The Lithuanian side reiterated a support to Serbia’s European formation and voiced willingness to offer assistance on this path. Views were also exchanged on other issues of mutual interest, observant that a consultations were a good resource for compelling a family between a dual countries.

The Serbian commission conveyed that it was rarely critical to say a certain opinion towards a Western Balkans countries’ membership of a EU as good as a dynamics of a advent process, notwithstanding all a hurdles a segment and a EU were confronting (“Brexit”, migration, terrorism, mercantile crisis, Euroscepticism, remodel of a EU).

In a context of reforms, it was estimated that a remodel routine in Serbia and a Balkans countries needs to be confirmed further, and that a advent routine itself represented a pivotal proclivity for elemental reforms during a inhabitant level, scheming us for fasten a EU, once a institutional mandate within a EU have been met.

Hope was voiced that Lithuania and other EU Member States would consider objectively a swell achieved so distant in a advent routine and a hurdles Serbia was facing, and make decisions that would capacitate Serbia to continue a traffic routine and, consequently, grasp estimable swell concerning systemic reforms.

The consultations in a context of European formation have been conducted on a unchanging basis, according to a formerly concluded annual devise on domestic consultations between a dual countries’ Foreign Ministries.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/15885-political-consultations-held-between-serbia-and-lithuania