Readiness for extensive graduation of Serbia – Nepal shared relations

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Ivica Dacic with Kumar GyawaliFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic, who arrived on an central revisit to Nepal, had a assembly with his host, Minister of Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali.

Welcoming a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Minister Gyawali voiced his good pleasure during a visit, quite in perspective of a fact that a magnitude of high and top turn meetings has not been co-ordinate with a normal loyalty between a dual countries.

Minister Gyawali voiced a willingness of a Nepal Government to make efforts towards extensive graduation of shared family between a dual countries, quite per mercantile cooperation.

The Serbian Foreign Minister thanked Minister Gyawali for his liberality and voiced a frank enterprise of a Serbian Government to comprehend as many as probable specific forms of shared team-work in a duration ahead, essentially in political, economic, cultural, educational, sports and other areas. Dacic voiced his sold compensation with a participation in Serbia of one of Nepal’s vital companies “Chaudhary Group” of Katmandu, that non-stop a initial European bureau for noodle and other semi-processed fritter food production, in Ruma, Oct 2017. Expectation was also voiced that other Nepalese companies would boost their participation in Serbia, following in a footsteps of a “Chaudhary Group”.

Minister Dacic announced a probability of visa grant for nationals of Nepal, that was met by a Nepalese side with good pleasure.

Foreign Minister Dacic voiced his sold thankfulness for a scrupulous position of a Government of Nepal on non-recognition of a uneven stipulation of autonomy of “Kosovo”, and sensitive Minister Gyawali extensively about a conditions in Kosovo and Metohija.

Minister Dacic invited his Nepalese reflection to revisit Serbia in a duration ahead, that was supposed with pleasure.

Minister Gyawali voiced clever and invariable support to a efforts of a Republic of Serbia to safety a territorial firmness and sovereignty. He settled that Nepal was committed to a honour of general law and a firmness of internationally famous states, and that it would closely concur with a Republic of Serbia in this process.

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