Readiness for serve team-work with a Association of Caribbean States

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Ivica DacicFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic has conferred currently with a Secretary General of a Association of Caribbean States (ACS) Jun Soomer who is on a revisit to a Republic of Serbia during a invitation.

The dual collocutors voiced their pleasure during a initial revisit paid by a ACS high-ranking central given a acknowledgment of a Republic of Serbia as an Observer to this informal classification that brings together a vast series of a Caribbean states. Mutual willingness for serve team-work was also validated during a meeting.

Serbian Foreign Minister assessed a revisit by a ASC Secretary General as really important, carrying chronological and pivotal significance, temperament in mind a accessible family and support on a general level.

Following a meeting, Minister Dacic and Secretary General Jun Soomer sealed a Framework Agreement on Cooperation between a Government of a Republic of Serbia and a Association of Caribbean States, as a authorised horizon for destiny team-work in areas of education, culture, graduation of tourism, insurance opposite healthy disasters and other areas of mutual interest.

“Serbia has long-standing accessible family with a Caribbean states, though they are not amply grown and Serbia is not benefaction adequate in that region. That is because we have sealed a Framework Agreement in sequence to emanate a authorised basement for cooperation”, Minister Dacic pronounced adding that Serbia indispensable to be some-more benefaction in a segment in terms of tactful activities.

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