Readiness of a Government of a Republic of Serbia to raise institutional team-work with a International Organization of La Francophonie

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Dacic - OIFAddress by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a opening of a Seminar “Strengthening Institutional Cooperation between a International Organization of La Francophonie and Serbia and Central and East European countries, and Serbia’s Francophonie Potentials”:

“Madame Deerpalsing,

Madame Yotova,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, we would like to appreciate a Francophonie care – Secretary General of a International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) Michaëlle Jean and Administrator Adama Ouane for usurpation a invitation to reason a convention on strengthening institutional team-work between a International Organization of La Francophonie and Serbia and other Central and East European Countries, and a Francophone potentials of a Republic of Serbia, whose opening event we have a good pleasure to address.

On seductiveness of a Republic of Serbia, we wish to honour OIF Secretary-General Michaëlle Jean on her successful care of a Organization and a active positioning on a general scene.

The Republic of Serbia truly shares a OIF values, whose sign is reflected in equality, complementarity and solidarity. We entirely support a Organization’s goal to raise linguistic and informative differences and support investigate and use of a French denunciation in general relations, as good as to foster peace, democracy and tellurian rights, and growth of team-work directed during tolerable mercantile development. We support and would like to join all activities of a Francophonie to a outcome of gripping sideways with a stream tellurian developments in sequence to orchestrate a Organization’s goals and movement with a hurdles acted by general family today. In this light, it is transparent that, in a universe of augmenting tellurian interdependence, Francophonie activities strongly minister to a strengthening of pacific intercultural discourse and exchange.

The inaugural unfamiliar routine priority of a Republic of Serbia is full European Union membership, and we are actively committed to creation swell in a routine of negotiations and opening of new traffic chapters. At a same time, we are creation an pinnacle bid to raise a team-work both with a large countries like a USA, Russia and China, and all partners opposite a world, as good as to actively attend in a work of informal and general organizations. All a activities referred to are formed on a solve to pursue a scrupulous and pacific policy.

Given a ten-years-long appearance and successful team-work with a Francophonie (2006-2016), we would like to demonstrate a willingness of a Republic of Serbia to initiate, in a duration ahead, a procession for appropriation a standing of a bone-fide member of a International Organization of La Francophonie.

At a Ministerial Conference in Yerevan, in Oct 2015, a Permanent Representative of a Republic of Serbia to a OIF sealed – together will 16 Member States and Observer countries – with a OIF Administrator a Memorandum on National Francophone Initiative within a horizon of a programme “French in International Relations” for a duration 2016-2018. Preparations are underway for final an agreement on team-work for 2019-2022. In a entrance years, we intend to serve strengthen activities within a horizon of institutional team-work with a Francophonie in cultural, educational and systematic areas, and all other OIF programmes, with importance on grant to a strengthening of domestic and mercantile aspects of a Francophonie. Bearing in mind Serbia’s unfamiliar routine priority to turn a full member of a European Union, we have an seductiveness to concur with a countries of Central and Eastern Europe in EU-related programmes.

Regarding a fact that supposed Kosovo was postulated an spectator standing in a OIF, during a Summit in Dakar, in Nov 2014, we would like to underline that Serbia conjunction wishes nor intends to see anyone isolated, though we are opposite politicization of a work of general organizations by OIF, UNESCO and a whole UN system. We are strongly committed to a discourse between Belgrade and Pristina carried out with EU facilitation. We support Pristina’s appearance in a work of many informal and general initiatives, though on a basement of standing neutrality and underneath UNSC fortitude 1244.

In conclusion, we would like to echo a domestic will and willingness of a Government of a Republic of Serbia to make a large step towards enhancing institutional team-work with a International Organization of La Francophonie and, after 10 years of successful team-work in a spectator status, we would like to see Serbia turn a bone-fide member and actively join a Organization’s work and programmes both in a categorical OIF bodies, as good as in informal and other  OIF programmes and activities on a general level.

I wish we each success in your work during a seminar, assured that it will capacitate a doing of a pronounced goals.

Thank you.”

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