Remarks by FDPM/MFA I. Dacic during a discussion “Serbs and Albanians – that approach forward?”

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Ivica DacicDistinguished participants,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It my good pleasure to be means to acquire we during today’s event, that deals in a timely demeanour with a rarely accepted thesis “Serbs and Albanians – that proceed forward?”. This thesis is of essential stress for a common past, benefaction and, of course, a destiny that we trust will be built on correct and extremely opposite foundations. At present, as good as in a duration immediately brazen of us, a family between Serbs and Albanians as peoples will be totalled by a success done by a whole region, and we would contend Europe as well, in a prolonged routine of reconciliation, overcoming a existent differences and of building mutual trust and confidence. The story has put us to this kind of exam many times before – either we are prepared to make a decisive, correct and dauntless step brazen or not, notwithstanding an ubiquitous meridian and sourroundings that will never be equally enlightened for both sides, and during a same time holding into comment a peculiarity of a subject and feelings of both nations.

Firstly, to be means to scrupulously know certain amicable processes and phenomena, utterly those as formidable as family between these dual vast Balkan racial groups, that in a past decades grown and altered in a proceed that influenced a really hint of ubiquitous family and their categorical stakeholders, we need to clearly and precisely outline a positions of Serbia and a people.

Much like other peoples, a Serbs have historically done consistent and perfected efforts to safety their national, eremite and informative identity, that is still a box today. It is undoubted to us that Kosovo and Metohija is a kingdom and local soil, that Serbian statehood, enlightenment and spirituality are secure there, and that this is a heartland and a hint of a being as a nation. As an definite and pretentious explanation of this, today, with a churned feeling of honour and sadness, we indicate out many eremite and holy sites there – Serbian churches and monasteries underneath UNESCO insurance due to their tellurian civilizational significance. The prolonged and mostly scattered story of Serbia, a informative heritage, tradition, customs, Orthodox faith and proceed of living, are all inherently tied to Kosovo and Metohija, where Albanian people also live, outward their motherland. In fact, no people in a Balkans lives exclusively within a borders of a motherland.

Serbia has always confirmed a tradition of democracy. Historically speaking, Serbia became a multi-cultural and multi-religious nation early on, comprising countless inhabitant communities, including a Albanian one. Even yet a peoples are tighten in many ways, we have lived and still live together, and we are neighbours, a centuries-long family have undergone many stages, confronting countless challenges. By usurpation diversity, on a inhabitant ransom and a investiture of a complicated Serbian state, a Serbian people fostered family with other inhabitant communities vital in all a states combined in these lands via a 19th and 20th centuries. Sadly, underneath a vigour of clever tensions during a time of a retraction of Yugoslavia, Serbian-Albanian family insincere a impression of a conflict, with clever separatist tendencies, in a new geo-political constellation of appetite strongly upheld by outward factors. As it after became transparent in all a irony, a pivotal problem was that a state has always essentially focused on carrying a multi-ethnic multitude in Serbia, including Kosovo and Metohija of course, while a Albanian inhabitant minority rather focused on a fortitude of a possess inhabitant emanate that had been already staid in a domain of Serbia. In a resources that ensued, characterized by conflicts and unsuited differences concerning a origins and a ways to solve a compounding problems, both peoples, Serbian and Albanian, have had ancestral lessons to learn. We trust that these really lessons on a futility of conflict, and a many wiser and some-more receptive proceed would minister a many to a strengthening of ties, not political, though a ties between peoples and typical personal relationships, which, once established, can exist any kind of routine pursued.

Dear friends,

The position of a Government and a President of a Republic of Serbia is a really pure one and is directed during achieving a overarching idea of an active and on-going movement towards a refuge and graduation of assent and stability. We are resolutely oriented towards corner movement with all meddlesome parties and prepared to speak on all issues in sequence to grasp an all-round progress. We trust that all nations and communities need assent and fortitude in a segment as good as accelerated mercantile recovery. That is given Serbia seeks to confederate in a EU as shortly as possible, along with other countries, and it has set a top European standards with courtesy to a delight of opposite rights by minorities.

The outcome of a position is profiling of Serbia as a responsible, arguable and foreseeable partner in a ubiquitous community, prepared to take partial in all discussions in a regional, European and ubiquitous forums, on all topics, and utterly on those relating to a approach seductiveness of a country, i.e. Kosovo and Metohija. We contingency not concede ourselves a oppulance to sojourn speechless or to mount by while others confirm on a fate. Serbia needs to be a pivotal actor on matters that courtesy it, given that is a usually proceed it can paint and urge a inhabitant interests, a authorised and legitimate rights. The appearance of Serbia in a talks is not an easy charge during all. There is a lot of insurgency and variable obstacles (even blackmail). However, a indicate is not in anticipating a discerning and easy solution, in an rash giving divided and usurpation of minimalism. The good German author Goethe said: “Difficulties boost a nearer we get to a goal”.
It is a ordinarily famous fact that a categorical stumbling retard between Serbs and Albanians is a emanate of Kosovo and Metohija. We trust that a discourse is an needed in seeking a resolution for all problems and conflicts. Serbia demonstrates a willingness to attend in a discourse during all times and in any place, origination continued efforts towards reaching a concede with a Albanian village in Kosovo and Metohija in a horizon of a EU-facilitated dialogue. Guided by a organisation self-assurance that usually a durable and tolerable resolution is a exigency for a swell of Serbia and a region, we have launched an inner discourse on Kosovo and Metohija. Launching of an inner discourse is a proof of a vast ability of a multitude and of a need to find an suitable resolution while avoiding fragmented position. That is given a purpose of an inner discourse is not usually to have a sum sum of opposite ideas and views though to yield an event to have a demeanour during a whole spectrum of probable solutions and of origination a positions of a nation transparent clear. Consequently, a inner discourse augmenting a credit of Serbia both on European and ubiquitous levels.

In perspective of a Brussels dialogue, Serbia possesses sufficient domestic sensibility to feel a impulse for elucidate a emanate of Kosovo and Metohija and to put all a appetite and strength into nearing during a concede resolution in sequence not to skip out on a ancestral event to strech an agreement with a Albanian community. Belgrade strongly advocates discourse with Pristina, holding a perspective that there is no choice to a negotiating process. Unlike some of a partners from a West, we do not hold a Kosovo and Metohija emanate as a solved matter though we trust that a resolution can be reached usually by dialogue. Serbia’s priority is a presence and honour of a rights of a Serbian community, a mercantile development, refuge of a informative birthright and skill of a Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo and Metohija.

Although many processes are partial of a chronological heritage, we contingency underline that a past formula of a Brussels discourse are not excusable and that they are constantly accompanied by new tensions annoyed by a Albanian village in Kosovo and Metohija. Efforts of Belgrade towards a concede are of a genuine inlet and encouraged by values we share with Europe and a universe though we will not concede others to disparage us and lift us down. Five years later, detached from periodic shifts though no petrify changes and estimable progress, a Brussels discourse is faced with a same hurdles of how to exercise what has been concluded upon. The routine of member of a Albanian village in Kosovo and Metohija seems to be utterly a resistant one when it comes to a change by a third partial that is lacking. Its foothold is a taciturn and infrequently undisguised support by certain powers. The deficiency of a loyal enterprise for reaching a concede and durable resolution make a efforts invested by a side family while a brunt of shortcoming will be equally borne by a ubiquitous village too, by a movement infrequently and infrequently by a inaction. Regardless of that, Belgrade has demonstrated a willingness for a discourse and will continue to do so whenever a other side wishes to lay during a negotiating table.

On a other hand, tactful activities of Serbia that have led an increasingly vast series of countries to devaluate their approval of Kosovo are a thoughtfulness of a right and a requirement to strengthen a possess interests and to attest a honour for manners of ubiquitous law, in shared family with other countries.

Dear friends,

It is common trust that Serbia’s family with Albania have prolonged been impeded by a position hold by that nation with courtesy to Kosovo and Metohija, or by a sincere support for a Kosovo uneven stipulation of independence. However, it is rarely critical to indicate out that, generally given 2014, a Republic of Serbia has been invariably display a willingness and wish to raise family with Albania.

Serbia is meddlesome in closely operative with Albania in a context of European integration, and it validated a willingness to share a knowledge gained in a routine of a possess negotiations with a EU by carrying instituted a signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in this area. It is both judicious and approaching that Serbia and Albania support any other before a EU institutions, including a many successful members.

Considerable unbarred intensity for corner actions of Serbia and Albania exists in a margin of informal cooperation, in sold team-work within a horizon of a Berlin Process. Intensification of informal team-work – both team-work on mercantile connectivity, essentially in a ride and appetite sectors, and one focused on team-work between generations that are reduction impeded with a bequest of a past – creates an atmosphere that recognizes discourse as a means to settle disputes.

Speaking of team-work in a margin of economy, detached from augmenting trade in products that significantly facilitates membership of a dual countries in CEFTA, one should bear in mind a substantial unleashed intensity in specific areas like agriculture, tourism and telecommunications. In this sense, a pierce brazen is transparent – a sell of visits between applicable ministers, a signing of team-work agreements, etc. Cooperation between a chambers of commerce of a dual countries has also been established, during both shared and informal levels, underneath a auspices of a Berlin Process.

Enhanced domestic discourse and contacts are of a pinnacle importance, given a bequest problems between Belgrade and Tirana, i.e. Belgrade and Pristina, are large and serious. Allow me to echo that Serbia advocates dialogue, that we see as a European legacy, where a usually excusable resolution for all meddlesome parties is a arrogance that a resolution is also sustainable. We trust that it could minister to a origination of a some-more enlightened meridian in a region, so facilitating a elucidate of a hereditary issues together with a neighbours.

Dear friends,

I acquire conferences of this kind, that we see as open fora to discuss, benefaction ideas and sell views, in that experts and a ubiquitous open in and outward of Serbia can take partial and minister to a improved bargain of a stream situation. Also, we are gratified during a appearance of renowned Albanian member and guest from abroad, given these discussions and contacts urge connectivity and leave certain picture among common people, both Serbs and Albanians, of a family between a dual peoples where national, eremite and domestic aspects should not be decisive, nonetheless they are positively critical as a phenomenon of civilizational and informative temperament of a dual peoples, their similarities and dissimilarities.

I would like to appreciate a organizers for mouth-watering me and to wish we all success and good fitness with your work.

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