Serbia and Slovakia committed to serve graduation of their shared relations

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ds slovackaState Secretaries of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Nemanja Stevanovic and Ivica Toncev had talks now with a State Secretary of a Slovak Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Mr. Lukas Parizek.

In a talks between a State Secretaries batch was taken of a stream state of shared family between a dual countries. It was remarkable that their shared family were really good, though that there was room for serve strengthening of mercantile ties, with a comment that a annual trade between a dual countries reached a turn of roughly US$ 500 million.

They also discussed a position of a Slovak inhabitant minority in Serbia and a Serbian inhabitant minority in Slovakia, observant that both states make huge efforts directed during a best peculiarity diagnosis of minority communities. During his revisit to Serbia, State Secretary Parizek also intends to revisit a Slovak village vital in Serbia.

One of a topics discussed in a assembly enclosed Slovak practice with mercantile tact that Serbia dictated to lapse to a cunning of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs. State Secretary Stevanovic sensitive his Slovak reflection about a judgment now grown by Serbia.

Further discussions overwhelmed on possibilities for pity with a Slovak side practice concerning Serbia’s OSCE Chairmanship, holding into comment that Serbia chaired this Organization in 2015 and that Slovakia would do so in 2019.

The Slovak side forked out once again that it would not change a beliefs position per non-recognition of a uneven stipulation of autonomy of Kosovo and Metohija.

It was concluded in a discussions that consultations should continue to be hold during a turn of State Secretaries who would be in assign of following a serve strengthening of mercantile and informative family between a dual peoples.

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