Serbia is committed to a graduation of team-work with African countries

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Address by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a Observance of Africa Day.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,

Today’s date, 25 May, has always been of special significance to a Republic of Serbia, since on that date, a normal African friends applaud their Day.

In a past, we have also distinguished together a Day of Africa – with that Serbia, as a many distinguished inheritor of Yugoslavia in terms of a process on Africa, has had decades-long accessible family – though for a initial time, we have done an central preference to embody 25 May, starting from this year, in a calendar of many critical dates in a year, in a Republic of Serbia, in sequence to be closer together during your celebration.

For this reason, a Government of a Republic of Serbia has adopted, 3 weeks ago, a Decision substantiating a Day of Friendship with African Peoples.

The Republic of Serbia is committed to a graduation of team-work with African states and informal mercantile communities, and will minister to a strengthening of political, economic, informative and all other ties with them, in suitability with a possibilities.

Serbia has conjunction had in a past nor does it have today, any dark skeleton in Africa and African countries, and is unapproachable to prominence a initial advantage compared to many other countries, formed on chronological reasons, assured that this advantage, accompanied by new ideas, should be utilized.

The commercial of 25 May as a Day of Friendship with African Peoples is a mystic approach of additionally expressing this commitment.

The Republic of Serbia is gratified about a swell reached in a African continent and a roof classification – a African Union, where Serbia enjoys an spectator status, and during whose summits a high officials frequently participate.

We have been following attentively a work of a African Union, and support a efforts done by a Organization and a Member States in sequence to grasp vital African goals; safeguard a pacific and protected future, honour of tellurian rights, democracy and a sequence of law, expulsion of misery and diseases, refuge and strengthening of informative identity, common heritage, values and morale, as good as political, mercantile and informative joint of a continent, bringing a African family together and formulating a strong, one and reinforced Africa, as a tellurian cause and partner, as contained in a African Union Agenda  2063. Africa and a peoples merit such a place.

The Republic of Serbia supports tighten team-work between African Union Member States, and believes that African problems contingency be resolved in Africa. We are gratified to see settlement of a friends; in this context, we acquire a lapse of a Kingdom of Morocco to African Union membership.

We are concerned, on a other palm that when a friends – and in Africa, we usually have friends – do not understand, and have disputes between, any other. Therefore, we support all a initiatives launched by a United Nations, African Union, a Member States and informal mercantile communities, to a outcome of ensuring assent in a continent.

We are quite saddened by prolonged conflicts in Africa and a predicament of a inhabitants of many areas. Serbia would like to see an finish to these problems during an beginning probable date, and will minister to a fulfilment of a prophesy of a African friends.

Serbia will continue to attend in peace-keeping missions in a continent, wishing that their series is significantly reduced in a future, as good as in charitable and developmental activities, and will continue to yield scholarships to African students for their studies during universities in Serbia.

As a tiny token of a regard for a African brothers and sisters, this month, a Government of a Republic of Serbia has allocated obligatory financial assistance for several African countries that are confronting drought and famine.

I would like to assure we that Serbia wishes to concur with all African states, in sequence to grasp – in agreement with African states and organizations – a friends, a advantage for all.

Long live Serbia, prolonged live Africa!

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