Serbia – Macedonia Foreign Ministries reason confidence process consultations

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logo ministarstvaThe Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Serbia and Macedonia hold shared consultations on confidence policy, during a invitation of a Macedonian side, in Skopje, on 28 Mar 2017.

The dual Ministries’ delegations, led on a Serbian side by Acting Assistant Minister for Security Policy Ambassador Branimir Filipovic and by Director General for Political and Security Cooperation during Macedonia’s Foreign Ministry Mira Krajachikj, exchanged views on a series of issues applicable for a confidence conditions in a segment and a stream confidence challenges.

In further to that, a dual delegations discussed a dual countries’ team-work on confidence policy, as good as a altogether informal conditions in a Western Balkans, i.e. a dual countries’ family with NATO and their activities within a Partnership for Peace programme, a European formation routine of a dual countries in a context of European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy, as good as activities in a margin of arms control and non-proliferation.

It was concluded that a subsequent turn of consultations on confidence routine matters be hold in a second half of 2017.

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