Serbia needs clever business associations and a continued discourse with businessmen

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Address by Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a Jun Meeting of Managers, during a Deputy Club:

“Esteemed Members of a Serbian Manager Association,
Distinguished guests,
Dear Stanka and Jelena,

Thank we for mouth-watering me to be your guest during a normal Meeting of managers, in June. we am really gratified to join you, here.

Serbia needs clever business associations like your own, so as to be means to fast and good address, by a continued discourse with businessmen, all problems station in a approach of a serve encouragement of a economy.

Despite a fact that many laws have been adopted, a Serbian Government is still confronting critical challenges. The Government is resolved to urge a business environment, and we trust that a instituted reforms will have an impact on a mercantile opening this year, and in a years to come.

As First Deputy Prime Minister, we trust that a energy of a nation is vested in a people, quite immature people, a new generations, as good as in successful business people – businessmen and entrepreneurs, as a genuine generators of mercantile development. we am gratified that a Serbian Manager Association has taken a shortcoming to continue a work on a veteran growth of managers, who reason care positions in companies in Serbia, as this can and should be Serbia’s analogous advantage in a segment and in Europe, as well.

Serbia needs peculiarity and able managers, prepared to assume shortcoming and join a Serbian Government institutions in a graduation of Serbia’s competitiveness, for usually if rival on informal and universe markets, Serbia can be a abounding and successful nation for a people.

For this reason, we support your informal beginning SUMMIT 100, that we recently pronounced in a talks during Brdo nearby Kranj, for we trust it might play an critical purpose as a business forum traffic with a competitiveness of a region, and hold in together with a “Brdo-Brioni” Process Leaders Meeting. we am really gratified that SUMMIT 100 will take place in Serbia, subsequent year, and that by fasten efforts, we will have an event to play host, in a country, to business leaders of a region.

I wish we success in your serve work on upgrading of your members, for a nation can pullulate usually with clever managers and successful companies.

Thank you.”

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