Serbia – Turkey Foreign Ministries: Security Policy Consultations

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Konsultacije Turska_Ankara_mart_2017The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Serbia and Turkey hold shared consultations on confidence policy, during a invitation of a Turkish side, in Ankara, on 31 Mar 2017.

The commission of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia was led by Acting Assistant Minister for Security Policy Ambassador Branimir Filipovic, while a commission of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey was led by Ambassador Ahmet Muhtar Gün, Deputy Undersecretary for International Security.

The dual sides underlined a significance of progressing discourse during this level, on a series of confidence issues of seductiveness for both sides, and concluded on a use of holding annual consultations on confidence process matters.

Views were exchanged on European and informal confidence challenges, a dual countries’ team-work in a area of confidence policy, generally when it comes to a Western Balkan region, with a corner comment that Serbia is a pivotal cause to assent and confidence in a segment and a end that it is usually durable fortitude in a Western Balkans that will secure destiny prospects of a segment as a whole.

Apart from a aforesaid, a dual sides discussed a team-work existent between a Republic of Serbia and NATO, by a PfP mechanism, as good as a issues associated to European security.

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