Serbian and Iraqi Foreign Ministers plead graduation of team-work in economy, education, culture

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic had talks currently with his host, Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Iraq, Ibrahim Al-Jaafari.

Minister Dacic underscored a significance of accessible family between a dual countries as good as a existent prospects for their serve promotion. The Head of Serbian tact voiced his full support to a territorial firmness and government of a Republic of Iraq.

Minister Al-Jaafari thanked for a assistance a Republic of Serbia supposing to a Republic of Iraq in tackling terrorism and for a support extended in a refuge of a territorial integrity, underlining in sold that Serbia could serve count on a full support of Iraq concerning a refuge and insurance of Serbia’s territorial integrity.

The interlocutors concluded on a prerequisite to rise mercantile ties, in a entrance period, though also team-work in preparation and enlightenment and growth cooperation, observant also that it was critical to inspire parliamentary loyalty groups from possibly nation to foster their work as good as to re-launch a activity of a Joint Economic Committee.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq also stressed a significance of Serbian companies holding partial in a reformation and growth of Iraq, referring to a years-long knowledge dating behind to a time of a SFRY and a unselfish loyalty between Serbia and Iraq.

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