State Secretary Ivica Toncev and Mayor of Dusseldorf during a opening of muster “We, during your place – 50 years of life together”

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Ivica ToncevOn 8 October, an muster entitled “We, during your place – 50 years of life together” non-stop during a Dusseldorf city hall. The muster outlines a 50th anniversary of a Agreement on a practice of adults of a afterwards Yugoslavia.

The muster was non-stop by Mayor of Dusseldorf Friedrich Conzen and State Secretary of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Toncev.

Speaking during a event, a State Secretary emphasized a ancestral significance of a muster as a pitch of a poignant purpose played by “guest workers” in strengthening ties between a dual countries. It was underlined that a adults had integrated good into German society, and as such they had been a kind of overpass between Serbia and Germany. The State Secretary stressed that it was critical for a ostracise village to say Serbian enlightenment and temperament and encourage ties with a motherland. He underlined in sold that a dual countries had clever a bolster of ties and certainty between them, to that a vital grant was done by a mutual trust and continued discourse between Chancellor Merkel and President Vucic.

The muster was attended by many German officials and member of a Serbian village vital in FR Germany, a infancy of whom are residents of a range of North Rhine-Westphalia. During his revisit to Germany, a State Secretary took a event to accommodate with member of a diaspora on a premises of a Consulate General of a Republic of Serbia, during a idea of Consul General Branislava Perin Jaric, who had instituted a entertainment of an muster dedicated to a Serbian diaspora in Germany.

On his revisit to Dusseldorf, a State Secretary also got proficient first-hand with operative conditions in a Consulate General, this being one of R. Serbia’s tactful and consular missions carrying a biggest effort due to a series of a internal Serbian village and a clever mercantile team-work carried out between Serbia and a German range of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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