State Secretary Toncev had talks with State Secretary Serap Güler

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Ivica Toncev with Mrs. Serap GülerOn 9 Oct 2018, during an central revisit to Düsseldorf, State Secretary Ivica Toncev visited a Government of a North Rhein-Westphalia range in Germany where he met with Serap Güler, State Secretary for formation during a Ministry for Children, Family, Refugees and Integration.

In a talks with his German colleague, State Secretary Toncev stressed that Serbian adults were successfully integrated into German society, to a compensation of both parties. He also talked about a few petrify topics per a position of a Serbs vital in North Rhein-Westphalia that is now home to 70,000 Serbian citizens, nonetheless unofficially this series is good over 100,000.

The State Secretary underlined that there was a need for a some-more synchronized team-work on a rendezvous of Serbian denunciation teachers in extra schools in this province. In this connection, they remarkable that a lector from perfume should take a some-more active partial in a clergyman preference process. The fact that there are 16 Serbian Church municipalities in NRW range bringing together a infancy of Serbian expats was also stressed.

The dual State Secretaries also discussed a „brain drain” emanate and immigration of Serbian adults to Germany. It was pronounced that Serbia wanted heated team-work with Germany though that it could not be good in propinquity to a outrageous mind empty of experts from Serbia, who are prepared in Serbia and after on pierce to a Western European countries like Germany, withdrawal behind gaps on a Serbian work market. The State Secretary therefore suggested that arrangements indispensable to be done that would positively safeguard a sell of experts on a market, though that would also attest for their lapse to Serbia where they would continue their work, generally temperament in mind that Serbia available a poignant mercantile enlargement and an enlargement in IT and construction sectors. It was for this reason that State Secretary Toncev stressed that Serbia could not means a outrageous mind empty of experts prepared in their homeland and voiced his hopes that Germany would bear this in mind in a serve work marketplace policymaking.

The interlocutors remarkable that a Serbian diaspora in Germany was rarely integrated from a indicate of perspective of interior affairs and that a crime rate regarding to a Serbian race in a range was really low, carrying forsaken from 4% to 2% over a final integrate of years, according to a information supposing by a provincial police.

The contention between a dual officials was a accessible and constructive sell with a perspective to carrying a good peculiarity and even improved formation of a Serbian village in a Province. In this context, State Secretary Toncev asked Mrs. Güler to find ways of providing additional and some-more adequate comforts for Serbian clubs that are around twenty in North Rhein-Westphalia.

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