Statement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic during a Brdo-Brijuni Ministerial meeting

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brioni 362017_enDear Karl, Dear Ivo,
Distinguished Colleagues,

First of all, we would like to conclude we for organizing a assembly during a turn of Ministers of Foreign Affairs together with a Process Leaders’ Meeting, and to praise we for selecting a thesis “A pull for a some-more fit EU boost process”, that will be a theme of a discussions today.

It is of peerless significance to Serbia that a boost routine is given as most courtesy as possible, irrespective of all hurdles confronting a EU, and a ongoing talks within a EU per a reforms to be undertaken. In this way, we have demonstrated that we are unambiguously meddlesome in a region’s swell on a EU path, and that “Brdo-Brijuni” is a forum where we can have straightforward discussions on topics of essential significance to a Western Balkans for many years already, such as a European formation routine and strengthening of suggestive informal cooperation.

European Union membership continues to be one of Serbia’s tip unfamiliar routine priorities, and we are creation a best efforts to safeguard that a reforms, implemented in line with a EU agenda, produce best probable results. However, a fact that – notwithstanding all attempts done over a years – we have been means to open usually eight, while provisionally shutting dual chapters, is not enlivening because, if this energetic continues, decades will pass before all traffic chapters are even opened. And how prolonged will it take before they are closed? Or, should all a EU Member States and a European Parliament sanction an Accession Treaty? Our people are losing faith that a advent routine will come to an end, that is unpropitious both to ourselves, and a EU that is losing a credibility.

Therefore, if a doubt to be lifted is: “Is there a need for new commitments and additional engagements?” my answer is: “Yes, though on a partial of a EU, that contingency clearly state possibly it wants us or not”. It is frequently listened that a expectations from us are no some-more than to accommodate a mandate matching to those that were imposed on other candidates, though is it utterly so? The doubt is – if an endless exploration were done today, how many stream EU Member States would be prepared to accommodate a same mandate that are imposed on us.

I would like to remember that a traffic routine of Serbia, compared to that of other candidates, has been additionally impeded by surreptitious introduction of a third celebration in a negotiations, by conditioning a swell of negotiations by a swell done in a Dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. With due honour for a scrupulous position of a EU, and in a light of a developments we have witnessed in new months – we trust that it is required to re-examine a proceed according to that a swell achieved on Chapter 35 is a exigency for opening new chapters – since it takes dual to tango, and Serbia, that has been carrying out reforms wholeheartedly, contingency not behostage to obstructions done by others in a rarely supportive domestic process. We would, therefore, rarely conclude a some-more offset EU proceed to this issue, that would, we am convinced, outcome – during slightest in my nation – in a larger volume of certainty in a European Union.

The emanate of a pull for a some-more fit EU boost routine is a really formidable one and includes a series of other issues, such as a need for strengthening informal cooperation, fortitude and confidence in a region, solution open issues by discourse and for alleviation of a mercantile potential, aiming to lift a vital standards of all citizens. We need to deposit additional efforts to strengthen a approved processes heading to a durability fortitude and confidence in a region. This, is, during a same time, a pledge of a fortitude and confidence of Europe, of that a EU is good aware. we will be really straightforward with you, in Serbia, we are wakeful of a existence that a EU formation routine is not only a technical, though essentially a domestic process, however, though a clear, predicted European viewpoint with a tangible timeframe, that was a knowledge of a stream EU Member States in their sold processes, it is tough to design that a segment would sojourn fast and stay on a European course.

We are prepared and committed to work intensively together with a EU in areas essential to a confidence of a EU itself, though of a possess as good – such as emigration and combating terrorism. You know that we have entirely contributed to a government of roving movements around a Western Balkan route, and have actively cooperated on anticipating solutions to one of a above challenges, proof to be a convincing and obliged partner notwithstanding a vigour we have been unprotected to for roughly 2 years – namely, some-more than 1.4 million migrants transited Serbia and, for months now, approximately 8,000 of them have been staying in Serbia incompetent to leave. To us, holding such an proceed is not in dispute, since we see a destiny in a EU. In a faith that a EU shares a view, we design a merit-based comment of a swell and that a grant to a fortitude of common problems be sufficient valued.

We are prepared to work within a segment with some-more appetite on a encouragement of informal integration; Serbia will continue to dedicatedly do all in a appetite to safety informal stability, though we remember that these processes contingency not reinstate that of European integration, though minister instead to a faster energetic of a EU path.

We are wakeful of a countless hurdles a EU is facing, though they contingency not be an forgive for any loitering or lagging behind in a European formation process. On a contrary, once all a choosing cycles are finished by a finish of a year and a preference is done on a EU remodel routine roadmap, a EU and a Member States should give additional procedure to us in a routine of advent talks and inspire others in a segment as well, by opening talks or extenuation claimant status. The advent routine is an unusually formidable and prolonged one, though it advantages possibly side severely and we see no reason for a EU to demur in ancillary us, politically and financially, in accelerating a gait of a European path.

Dear colleagues,

I have already pronounced that a mercantile growth of any of us individually, and of a segment as a whole, is a precondition for informal stability, as good as for a EU advent process. we trust that a strengthening of mercantile cooperation, that is already a concentration of a attempts to emanate a informal mercantile area, and to assistance boost European investments in a segment in particular, would be “a win-win situation” both for a WB6 and for EU investors.

In this sense, we trust that a Brdo-Brioni Process and Forum competence play a poignant role, by organizing events such as “Summit 100” of SEE business leaders, like a one hold in a margins of a Brdo-Brioni Process Leaders’ Meeting in Sarajevo on 28 and 29 May 2016.

Particularly critical roles are played by a supposed Berlin Process Connectivity Agenda and encouragement of team-work in ride and appetite sectors, directed during facilitating formation and stealing a existent barriers. In this regard, we support a offer to pointer a SEE Transport Community Treaty in Trieste, whereby we will orchestrate a ride policies with those of a European Union.

On this occasion, we would like to echo a seductiveness of a Republic of Serbia to horde a chair of a Transport Community Secretariat in Belgrade, carrying in mind that a South East Europe Transport Observatory (SEETO), to be remade into a destiny Transport Community, has successfully operated in Belgrade for some-more than 10 years now. For many apparent reasons, Belgrade is a judicious choice of location, and we wish that we will have your support on this matter.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In closing, we would like to conclude a hosts for their well-developed liberality and for a glorious classification of this meeting, and to demonstrate my faith that we will continue to accommodate in this format, in a future, too, and have open discussions like we did today.

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