Statement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia, H.E. Mr. Ivica Dacic during The Ministerial Conference of a Non-Aligned Movement

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Ivica Dacic

Mr. Chairman,
Dear friends,

It is my good honour to attend a Mid-Term Ministerial Conference of a Non-Aligned Movement and continue now a tradition of my appearance on seductiveness of a Republic of Serbia in a Movement’s meetings over a past years. we would like to denote a thankfulness to accessible Azerbaijan, a horde country, for their comfortable liberality and to honour them on glorious arrangements for this meeting.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As one of a inheritor States of a former Yugoslavia, Serbia takes honour in emphasizing a purpose of a former SFRY in first a Non-Aligned Movement, inheriting and essay to safety and foster a family with a NAM members by following in a footsteps of Josip Broz Tito, one of a Movement’s first fathers and a proven crony of many peoples and countries. Allow me to remind we that a First (formal) Conference of a NAM was hold in Belgrade, and that Serbia had a honour to horde a Commemorative Ministerial Meeting on a arise of a Movement’s 50th anniversary in Sep 2011.

The NAM’s ancestral purpose was essentially to minister to a refuge of assent and alleviation a tensions ensuing from a confederation adversary in a Cold War era, as good as to urge a concept functions and beliefs enshrined in a Charter of a United Nations. Moreover, it paved a proceed to a useful processes such as decolonization that enclosed a right of peoples to self-determination, quarrel opposite apartheid and fast efforts towards a graduation of mercantile and amicable position of essentially dull and building countries. The first beliefs and progressing efforts of a Movement have not mislaid their aptitude even today, quite in terms of a need to strengthen multilateralism and a purpose of a UN in perspective of a fact that a present-day universe is diligent with many challenges, uncertainties, multidimensional and interlinked crises and their consequences that need hunt for a common and tellurian response.

The Republic of Serbia is resolutely committed to multilateralism as a best response to anticipating tolerable solutions. We support appearance of states on an equal feet and a some-more thorough tellurian governance system, while demonstrating essential willingness to jointly rivet in a suggestion of constructiveness, concede and coherence in realizing a vital prophesy of a improved universe for all of us. We deeply trust that this is a usually proceed heading to swell in an increasingly interdependent world. The functions and beliefs of a United Nations, as tangible in a Charter, sojourn equally applicable currently and are apropos ever some-more critical in a face of flourishing complexities.

Sovereign equivalence of States, refraining from hazard or use of force, non-interference in inner affairs of other States, pacific allotment of ubiquitous disputes and respecting differences are starting premises whose effect has not been challenged by a 21st century changes on a ubiquitous scene. We trust that a Movement’s active purpose in advocating a honour of ubiquitous law and a above principles, generally a element of sovereignty, territorial firmness and non-interference in inner affairs of other States, is of sold importance. Guided by a priorities and willingness to make a contribution, a Republic of Serbia has all along emphasized that pacific fortitude of disputes and crises is one of a many critical aspects in building and preserving ubiquitous assent and security. In this context, we are of a perspective that strengthening a enlightenment of assent and dialogue, process of concede and pacific co-existence of peoples is of essential importance. We trust that during a benefaction time of formidable conflicts and flourishing extremism we need to work together to move about conditions for tolerable peace, essentially in a fields of institution-building, strengthening democracy, graduation and honour of tellurian rights and a sequence of law.

The Republic of Serbia has been reaffirming a unfamiliar process priorities by active and constructive appearance in all forms of multilateral cooperation. Through a appearance in a activities of a Non-Aligned Movement and rendezvous in ubiquitous organizations in general, Serbia seeks to make a grant and denote a joining to a origination of fortitude and trust in a ubiquitous community, growth of accessible family formed on a honour of equal rights and team-work built on oneness of countries and peoples. In that regard, we trust that a efforts of a Movement are of good significance in terms of democratization of ubiquitous relations, fortitude of problems of a political, economic, social, informative or charitable inlet while compelling tact of tellurian rights for all, regardless of race, gender, denunciation or religion. we would like to underline in sold a significance of a continued purpose in a onslaught for equivalence of countries as good as in compelling opposite needs of Member States during ubiquitous level, generally in terms of amicable and mercantile hurdles whereby a Non-Aligned Movement has turn a loyal disciple of building countries.

Historic agreement and adoption of a 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as a extensive prophesy of tellurian growth represents an superb event to safeguard a improved destiny for next generations, essentially towards eradicating misery and hunger, ensuring thorough preparation and affordable health-care, shortening flourishing inequalities within and among a States as good as shutting a existent opening between a North and a South. The Movement shares that prophesy and we can always count on Serbia in that respect.

Dear friends,

I would like to take this event to denote low thankfulness to a many members of a Movement that have not famous unilaterally announced autonomy of “Kosovo” and by respecting a territorial firmness and government of a Republic of Serbia, remained committed to a beliefs of ubiquitous law, Charter of a United Nations as good as to UNSC fortitude 1244 (1999). In doing so, we have sent a scrupulous and absolute summary in foster of honour of a sequence of law in ubiquitous framework.

By fortifying a government and territorial integrity, Serbia is fortifying not usually ubiquitous law, though a top management of a UN Security Council in progressing ubiquitous assent and security. we wish to remember that it has been a decade now that Serbia has been devotedly and responsibly warning a ubiquitous village of a apparent risk of uneven stairs being taken, indicating that a uneven stipulation of autonomy of “Kosovo” constitutes a rarely dangerous and unsuitable fashion which, as we have witnessed, has given an procedure to other separatist and secessionist movements worldwide. We trust that unilateralism usually leads to a deepening of crises, instability and serve divisions.
Kosovo and Metohija continues to be diligent with countless hurdles and a rarely formidable domestic and confidence situation, as witnessed by a many new developments of 26 Mar in that a Director of a Office of a Government of a Republic of Serbia and arch adjudicator in a discourse between Belgrade and Pristina, Marko Djuric, was beaten and arrested in a heartless movement of a Kosovo troops special units, and in that a sum of 36 Serbs were injured. This testifies to a sobriety of a conditions of a Serb and other non-Albanian peoples, who are a theme of freedom-of-movement restrictions, continued danger and attempts during influential exclusion of Serbs, miss of conditions for sportive their elemental rights, jeopardizing Serbian historical, informative and eremite heritage, while a practice of a right to lapse by those who have left their homes in Kosovo and Metohija is roughly impossible. Despite a double standards practical to Serbs by a ubiquitous community, we trust that we contingency sojourn unchanging in a attempts to solve a Kosovo and Metohija issue, peacefully and by dialogue, in sequence to find a concede resolution and strech a ancestral agreement with a Albanian village in Kosovo and Metohija. Such resolution contingency honour Serbia’s interests and a needs of a Serbian village in Kosovo and Metohija.
We are wakeful of how ethereal it is currently for those siding with Serbia in a legitimate quarrel to safety a territorial firmness and urge a beliefs of a United Nations Charter. We are also wakeful that many of we are unprotected to opposite pressures to commend a uneven stipulation of autonomy of “Kosovo”. Therefore, we would like to take this event to seductiveness to you, once again, to sojourn unchanging in fortifying a norms of a ubiquitous authorised sequence and reside by a position of non-recognition, and continue to conflict a uneven attempts of supposed Kosovo during affirming a aspirations to membership of ubiquitous organizations.
The Republic of Serbia resolutely upholds a perspective that states, that share common values and are committed to a honour of a ubiquitous authorised order, should raise their team-work and support any other in ubiquitous fora. We are strongly tied by a holds of tighten scrupulous positions directed during refuge of a territorial firmness of all internationally famous countries, UN Member States, and a need for respecting ubiquitous law. In this context, we acquire a decisions of Non-Aligned Movement member countries, Burundi and Suriname, to devaluate their recognitions, and design other states that have progressing famous a uneven stipulation of autonomy of “Kosovo” to follow suit, in a duration ahead.
We also acquire a fact that a Final Document of this year’s Ministerial Conference of a Non-Aligned Movement has validated that members of a Movement will honour a territorial integrity, sovereignty, domestic autonomy and inviolability of borders of a Member States.

Distinguished colleagues,
May we remind we that a Government of a Republic of Serbia has been successfully implementing a “World in Serbia” project, ever given 2010, as a sold grant and procedure to a strengthening of family with a members of a Movement. We are committed to continue to pursue a grant programme for girl from a Movement’s member and spectator countries, in sequence to serve strengthen a ties between a peoples and minister to a improved destiny for all. On a shared level, a process is characterized by clever joining to a serve growth of team-work in a areas of mutual interest, quite in a economic, military, informative and educational spheres.

Dear Friends,
Looking brazen – with best wishes – to a destiny of a countries and peoples, graduation of a common beliefs and values, we would like to assure we that we might always count on a frank friendship, benevolence, my personal support and a partnership of Serbia.

Thank we for your courtesy and understanding.

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