Statement by Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic during a 32nd event of a Ministerial Conference of La Francophonie

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Statement by Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic during a 32nd event of a Ministerial Conference of La Francophonie in a discuss of associate members and observers in Antananarivo:

“Madam Chairperson,

Madam Secretary-General,


Ladies and gentlemen,

Allow me, initial of all, to honour you, Madam Chairperson, on your choosing and to wish we success in carrying out these duties. we would generally like to demonstrate my thankfulness to a host, Mr. President and a Government of Madagascar for their comfortable liberality and glorious comforts supposing for a conference.

On interest of a Republic of Serbia we would like to honour a Secretary General, Madam Michaelle Jean, on successful stewardship of a classification and on actively positioning it during a general scene.

The Republic of Serbia honestly shares a values ​​of a International Organization of La Francophonie, whose sign is equality, complementarity and solidarity. We entirely support a goal of a classification in a alleviation of informative and linguistic farrago and a investigate and use of a French denunciation in general relations, though also in compelling peace, democracy and tellurian rights and building team-work for tolerable development. We support and we wish to get concerned in all activities of La Francophonie on monitoring contemporary universe events in sequence to align a goals and activities of a classification with incoming general challenges. Against this background, it is transparent that a activities of La Francophonie actively minister to strengthening peaceful, intercultural discourse and sell in a universe of augmenting tellurian interdependence.

The unfamiliar routine priority of Serbia is a full membership of a European Union. Serbia is actively committed to swell in a routine of negotiations on opening new negotiating chapters. At a same time, we find to urge as most as probable team-work with all, both with vast countries such as a United States, China, Russia and with all partners in a world, as good as with informal and general organizations, while being committed to posterior a scrupulous and pacific policy.

Bearing in mind a ten-year appearance and successful team-work with La Francophonie (2006-2016), we would like to announce a willingness of Serbia to cruise a conditions and a probability of apropos a full member of a OIF, in a arriving period. At a Ministerial Conference in Yerevan in Oct 2015, together with 16 member states and observers, Serbia sealed a Memorandum of a National Francophone Initiative for 2016-2018 within a horizon of a French in International Relations Programme. In a future, we will serve strengthen a activities within a institutional team-work with La Francophonie in a areas of culture, education, scholarship and all other OIF programmes.

Although a supposed Kosovo has perceived spectator standing in OIF during a Dakar Summit in Nov 2014, we would indicate out that it is not a intention, nor a enterprise of Serbia to besiege anyone, though it is opposite a politicization of a work of general organizations, trimming from a OIF, UNESCO to a whole UN system. Serbia is strongly committed to discourse with member of Pristina conducted with EU facilitation and is one of a few successful examples of pacific allotment of disputes in a universe today. The supposed Kosovo can attend in informal organizations and in many other general activities, though in a standing neutral demeanour and in suitability with UNSCR 1244. To this end, we interest to a OIF to contribute, with a scrupulous position, to a final success of a Belgrade-Pristina discourse with intervention of a EU and in a duty of domestic and mercantile fortitude of a Western Balkans. We are looking to a event for discourse and agreement rather than unilateralism.

As partial of SFR Yugoslavia, Serbia used to make a clever grant to a routine of decolonization and growth in Africa and a universe by a scrupulous routine of pacific coexistence.

Thank you.”

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