Statement by Ivica Dacic, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia during a 2018 OSCE Mediterranean Conference

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OSCE Malaga, Spain.Distinguished Minister Borell,
Distinguished Minister Lajčak,
Your Excellencies,
Dear Colleagues,

Allow me to start by thanking a hosts for organizing this year’s Mediterranean Conference on appetite and environmental team-work and for bringing together pivotal appetite experts from a open and private zone from both sides of a Mediterranean to plead policies, rise strategies and brand business opportunities.

OSCE is a forum for discourse and contention for Participating States as good as for a partners, charity a toolbox and a height to diminution tensions, scold misperceptions, and foster a enlightenment of toleration opposite a OSCE area and beyond. Helsinki Decalogue famous a significance of a Mediterranean dimension and a aptitude for a confidence and fortitude in Europe. This couple has been apparent generally in these severe times, when formidable tensions and conflicts again prominence a augmenting independence of a regions.
Based on a existent decisions and declarations in a OSCE’s Economic and Environmental dimension, a Organization is well-placed to minister to appetite and environmental team-work and to element a efforts of other general organizations.

We note, with appreciation, that a 2018 Mediterranean Conference, and in sold a high-level domestic segment, is focused on how to precedence appetite to foster mercantile expansion and general co-operation in a Mediterranean region. Therefore, this year’s Mediterranean Conference has good intensity for augmenting team-work between a OSCE and Mediterranean Region. This vicious eventuality will yield us with an event to sell views on issues that are rarely applicable to a bulletin of both sides of a Mediterranean. Security in Europe is closely related with confidence in a Mediterranean as a whole, and economic, appetite and environmental issues are increasingly vicious factors of a Euro-Mediterranean confidence equation.

The decades-old OSCE Mediterranean Partnership traditionally geared towards a goals of peace, stability, and prosperity, has most to benefit from extended discourse on appetite and environmental cooperation. Sustainable and arguable appetite during affordable prices is a precondition for successful economies and assent and confidence via a OSCE and a Mediterranean Partners.

There is frequency another domain than appetite in that a indivisibility of Euro-Mediterranean confidence is some-more vicious and material for a fortitude of States, a wealth of internal economies, and a contentment of societies. The growth of purify or renewable appetite technologies can yield mercantile opportunities to countries with estimable required appetite resources, as good as those who miss such resources by charity an choice means to appetite their economies and beget jobs for their citizens. Renewable appetite currently represents a pivotal resolution to a hurdles of appetite supply, confidence and meridian change.

The OSCE serves as a height for discourse and co-operation in a series of fields, and offers a suitable venue for exchanging best practices and building ability to maximize a mercantile advantages of renewable as good as of normal forms of energy, facilitating open and private partnerships and a send of know-how. Energy enables not usually mercantile development, it also contributes two-thirds of tellurian hothouse gas emissions and is, therefore, vicious for a meridian change process. Cooperation in securing a appetite supply, movement and direct chain, and a use of new and renewable sources of appetite should aim during building a prophesy for a tolerable appetite destiny in a 21st century in a Mediterranean segment and beyond.

The bulk and complexity of a hurdles faced by a Euro-Mediterranean segment can't be addressed by a singular state or classification on a own. Therefore, there is no choice to operative together. Moreover, traffic with formidable hurdles that we are confronting will usually be successful if we join a efforts and conduct to act with full honour to a simple values, beliefs and commitments of a OSCE.
The Republic of Serbia stays committed to posterior and strengthening team-work with Mediterranean partners, including by a OSCE, wherever a Organization can be of assistance with a extensive proceed to security.

Thank you, Mr.Chairman

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