Statement by Minister Dacic during a 17th Summit of a Non-Aligned Movement

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pnz dacic_govor_19920161The following is a matter by His Excellency Mr. Ivica Dacic, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia, during a 17th Summit of a Non-Aligned Movement, hold in Venezuela:

“Mr. Chairman,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Allow me to demonstrate sold pleasure for a fact that we am attending this venerable gathering, and to appreciate a hosts for their comfortable hospitality.

As a inheritor state to Yugoslavia, one of a founders of a Non-Aligned Movement, a Republic of Serbia attaches outrageous significance to a activities, that is also validated by a unchanging appearance in summits and meetings of a Movement. We cruise as really critical a Movement’s purpose in overcoming confederation and Cold-War groups and in formulating a opposite world, formed on universal, eminent goals of durability assent and security, emperor equivalence of states, amicable justice, tolerable growth and honour of tellurian rights. These principles, incorporated in a foundations of a Non-Aligned Movement, have stood a exam of time and it seems that they have never been some-more accepted than they are today, as a outcome of a complexity of problems and hurdles a universe is faced with. Emerging confidence threats and risks, surpassing state borders and, as such, requiring a concurrent proceed and solutions, make a proceed formed on prolific multilateralism an imperative. This proceed implies willingness for corner rendezvous in a suggestion of cooperation, concede and flexibility. By compelling this form of multilateralism precisely, a Non-Aligned Movement has left an memorable symbol in a story of a world, and today, opposite a altered general backdrop, it continues to minister to substantiating a some-more estimable general order, characterized by larger solidarity.

The Republic of Serbia stays truly committed to a graduation of good shared family with a normal friends world-wide. Our joining to building accessible family and mercantile and other forms of team-work with partners from a Non-Aligned Movement is by no means in noise with Serbia’s joining to form partial of a EU, though is a interrelated dimension of a foreign-policy engagement. Our friendships fake in a East and a West are a happening and a building of strength. Serbia is unapproachable of a fact that it belongs to a European family of nations, though also of a fact that it used to be and still is partial of a past and a benefaction of a Non-Aligned Movement. In a context of a 21st century general relations, and guided by a beliefs of a UN Charter, we will continue to support a continual efforts directed during creation stairs towards a revitalization of a Movement’s purpose as an disciple of building countries and an instrument in a achievement of their interests during a general level.

Allow me to remember that a Republic of Serbia had a honour, in Sep 2011, to horde a Commemorative Ministerial Meeting of a Non-Aligned Movement, on a arise of a 50th anniversary of a First Non-Aligned Conference, that was also hold in Belgrade. This was another event to re-affirm a normal loyalty that links Serbia with a members of a Movement, as good as a joining to serve rise team-work in areas of mutual interest, quite in a economic, military, informative and educational areas.

Members of a Non-Aligned Movement will always be means to count on team-work on a partial of a Republic of Serbia, in a doing of a vital prophesy of a improved universe for all of us, that also goes for a doing of a final year’s ancestral agreement on a 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, that we are coming responsibly and committedly. We have taken an active partial in a routine of defining Sustainable Development Goals, as good as in a adoption of a Addis Ababa Action Agenda on financing tolerable development. We trust that a expulsion of impassioned misery and hunger, ensuring thorough health complement and preparation for all, allotment of issues of a flourishing inconsistency within and between states, enabling a concept proceed to daub H2O and spotless facilities, tolerable appetite and infrastructure, are a essential elements of a loyal tellurian mutation and of shutting a existent opening between a North and a South. At a same time, we are wakeful that growth is unfit though assent and fortitude and clamp versa, and that conjunction general fortitude nor wealth can be secured, should a interests and views of a vital apportionment of a amiability and states embodied in a Non-Aligned Movement, be sidestepped during a same time.

As a special contribution, a Government of a Republic of Serbia has been successfully implementing a “World in Serbia” project, ever given 2010, whereby scholarships are being postulated to a nationals of a member states and of a countries with an spectator station in a Non-Aligned Movement, that is a clever procedure to cementing a ties in countless areas.

The Republic of Serbia is strongly committed to a elemental beliefs and goals of a UN Charter and to general law – upkeep of assent and confidence in a world, solidarity, pacific allotment of disputes and crises, honour of government and territorial firmness of a UN Member States, as good as a converging of team-work with a aim of anticipating answers to countless political, economic, social, charitable and other hurdles of a modern-day world. With a aim of strengthening general confidence and stability, we support initiatives directed during a impediment of conflicts and advocating pacific intervention in a allotment of disputes within a UN and informal organizations. Serbia, as a informal personality when it comes to a scale of appearance in UN peacekeeping operations, and a poignant writer in a European framework, is also creation a petrify grant to counterclaim general assent and confidence by active appearance in UN and EU-mandated assent missions and operations, quite in Africa.

Dear friends,

I relief myself of this event to demonstrate my low thankfulness to countless members of a Movement that remained committed to a beliefs of a sequence of law in a general framework, by not noticing a unilaterally announced autonomy of Kosovo, that took place in transgression of a UN Charter, a Helsinki Final Act and UNSC Resolution 1244 (1999), that guarantees a territorial firmness of a Republic of Serbia. By fortifying a government and territorial integrity, Serbia is adhering to beliefs when fortifying general law and a overarching management of a Security Council in counterclaim general assent and security. We are wakeful that those who are currently station by Serbia in a only onslaught for a refuge of a territorial togetherness and in a counterclaim of a beliefs enshrined in a UN Charter, in a same approach Serbia stood, for decades, by many of we in your onslaught for inhabitant ransom and emancipation from colonial rule, are carrying their work cut out for them.

We are also wakeful that many of we are unprotected to several pressures to commend a autonomy of “Kosovo”.

Regardless of that, we titillate we to stay unchanging in a counterclaim of a norms of a general authorised sequence when it comes to a non-recognition of a unilaterally announced autonomy of a southern Province and a uneven attempts to join general organizations, such as a final year’s UNESCO membership bid which, overdue to a friends from opposite a world, from Africa to Latin America, had been refused.

I underscore that a support of a general village is of pivotal significance to a success of a discourse conducted between Belgrade and Pristina, with a EU mediation. Any change in a position of states that have not famous a unilaterally announced autonomy of Kosovo, would negatively impact a constructiveness and a willingness of a parties to strech a compromise, including a doing of a already achieved agreements. Our willingness and joining to a fortitude of a emanate of Kosovo and Metohija by pacific means is a thoughtfulness of a strength, rather than weakness. The discourse facilitated by a EU essentially aims to secure a conditions and to urge a bland life of a people in a Province, and generally to find a response to a problems confronting a Serbs and other non-Albanians. In no approach does this indicate a recognition, on a partial of Serbia, of a illegally announced autonomy of Kosovo. We trust in a lasting, compromise-based resolution to a emanate of Kosovo and Metohija, along with full tact of a legitimate interests of a Albanian, Serbian and other race in a Province, and full honour of UNSC Resolution 1244 (1999), in a seductiveness of informal peace, fortitude and prosperity. And we count on you, a friends and fellow-campaigners in a general query opposite a process of unilateralism and change of borders of internationally famous states by force.

Dear colleagues,

The universe of currently is not a same as a one into that a Non-Aligned Movement was born. The really Movement is not a same, though a topicality of a element of a emperor equivalence of states and solidarity, underlying a foundations of a Movement, have not been called into doubt in together with a changes during a general level, brought by a 21st century. You can always count of Serbia’s unrestrained support and partnership, via a graduation of these principles.

Thank we for your courtesy and for your understanding.”

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