Strengthening mercantile team-work between Serbia and Norway

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met currently with Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Kingdom of Norway Børge Brende.

In a talks, both sides reliable their faith that a accessible family between Serbia and Norway would be promoted further. The Norwegian Minister commended a remodel routine in Serbia and good mercantile formula in particular, expressing wish that Serbia would be an “exporter of stability” to a countries of South-East Europe, where concerns had been lifted by new developments.

Minister Dacic voiced his thankfulness for charitable and growth assistance invariably extended to Serbia by Norway, amounting to over EUR 250 million given a year 2000. Norway’s growth assistance was of vital support to reforms required for Serbia’s successful European integration, carrying also sent donations to Serbia in a arise of a serious floods in 2014 as good as in a context of a predicament caused by a liquid and movement of refugees from a Middle East.

At a same time, a Head of Serbian tact called for strengthening of mercantile cooperation, propelling Norwegian companies to continue to deposit in Serbia.

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