Strengthening vital partnership between Serbia and France

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Ivica Dacic and Jean-Yves Le DrianFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic paid currently a operative revisit to a French Republic.

The Serbian Foreign Minister met in Paris with a Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of a French Republic Jean-Yves Le Drian.
“I had a really good assembly with a French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, temperament in mind that Serbia and France have sealed an Agreement on Strategic Partnership.

We both underlined that, a century after a finish of WWI, a stream year is really critical to remember a aged Serbian-French alliance.

We are really most looking brazen to a lapse revisit of my colleague, on 12-13 April, as an rudimentary revisit to a revisit by President Macron, approaching before a finish of a year.

Serbia has an seductiveness in strengthening vital partnership with France. The goal of France is to spearhead a assistance to Serbia on a European path. Serbia is wakeful of all a obligations to be faced down a road, a need to continue a remodel process, to settle peacefully and by discourse all superb issues in a Balkans – referring to a emanate of Kosovo and Metohija in a initial place.

I am assured that a aged fan France will have a sufficient volume of bargain for Serbia’s enterprise to strech a resolution that will honour a interests of all sides in Kosovo and Metohija, that would be a basement of durability assent and fortitude in a region”, resolved Minister Dacic rising from a meeting.

During his revisit to France, a Serbian Minister laid wreaths on a Tomb of a Unknown Soldier underneath Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and during Serbian War Graves in Thiais. Upon laying a spray on a Tomb of a Unknown Soldier in Paris, Minister Dacic sealed a “Golden Register”.

Ivica Dacic - Golden Register Ivica Dacic - Golden Register

“The Republic of Serbia pays reverence to a different favourite who died for a leisure of a European people and a destiny of a children, expressing huge gratitude. Even a century following a finish of perishing in a Great War, a Republic of Serbia and a people are not inattentive of a sacrifices done by bold soldiers, who laid down their lives for Serbia and France. Eternal excellence to them!” stamped a Serbian Foreign Minister.

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