Telegram of condolences by Minister Dacic following a militant conflict in Barcelona

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IDFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic sent a telegram of condolences to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of a Kingdom of Spain Alfonso Dastis, following a militant conflict in Barcelona.

“Deeply unsettled and repelled by a news of a iniquitous militant conflict opposite trusting civilians in Barcelona, we extend to we a expressions of many frank condolences, on interest of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia and on my possess behalf.

At a impulse in time when a whole universe is joined in grief over a detriment of lives, we contingency sojourn joined also in a quarrel opposite a immorality of terrorism. We contingency not concede those who gangling no means to grasp their ends to bluster all a values that both today’s civilization and a improved universe we aspire to rest upon. Serbia will always mount as prepared as ever to urge these values, charity a limit grant to a common quarrel directed during eradicating this scourge.

May we ask we to communicate my sympathies to a bereaved families, and my best wishes to a injured, for their rapid recovery”, says a telegram of condolences by Minister Dacic.

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