The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly protests over a greeting of a Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs to a phenomenon of a relic to Milan Tepic

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logo ministarstvaState Secretary of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nemanja Stevanovic summoned for talks to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia a Charge d’Affaires of a Croatian Embassy to board a clever criticism over a comments by Croatia’s Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and a open matter following a construction of a relic to Milan Tepic, a JNA officer hero, in Belgrade.

State Secretary Stevanovic pronounced that it was ashamed that Croatian officials, glorifying a beliefs of Ustashe and their crimes committed in WWII and defeat adult an anti-Serb violence and grossly violating tellurian rights in a 21st century, protested opposite favourite Tepic, an essence of honour and morals.

To use a phenomenon of a relic to Major Tepic to credit a Republic of Serbia again of “armed aggression” was not usually totally ungrounded and groundless from a authorised and chronological indicate of view, though also rarely hypocritical.

In a talks endangered was lifted in sold since of a fact that Croatia had not done any critical swell on enmity itself from a flourishing trend of reconstruction of Nazism and chronological revisionism. This also included, among other things, construction of a relic to Ustasha militant Miro Barisic, convicted of murdering a Yugoslav Ambassador to Sweden, and ascent of a board with a Nazi title “For Home Ready” in Jasenovac, a many scandalous place of execution of some-more than half a million Serbs, Jews and Roma.

More regard of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia is caused by a fact that a attacks and offences entrance from a Republic of Croatia during a responsibility of Serbia and a Serbia people as a whole were removing worse during a time when Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic publicly settled a country’s joining to a extensive growth of good-neighbourly family with Croatia.

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