Trust and certainty turn and a high energetic of Russia-Serbia contacts denote continued and prolific growth of a dual countries’ relations

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Dacic - LavrovFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met currently in Banja Luka with Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

Serbian and Russian Foreign Ministers, Dacic and Lavrov, guarded that a turn of trust and certainty and a high energetic of Russia-Serbia contacts demonstrated a continued and prolific growth of a dual countries’ relations. The dual Ministers resolved that a family between Moscow and Belgrade were building in all areas and assessed that a mutual family had reached an modernized turn of vital partnership.

Minister Dacic sensitive his Russian reflection about a march of a Belgrade-Pristina dialogue. He reiterated Belgrade’s position that no long-term, tolerable fortitude for Kosovo and Metohija can be found unless upheld by a Russian Federation.

Minister Lavrov underlined that Russia upheld a Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, while complying with UNSC Resolution 1244. He reiterated that Kosovo Albanians had for years unsuccessful to honour a EU-facilitated agreements with Serbia, notwithstanding Serbia progressing a constructive position, and combined that a EU indispensable to use a change on Kosovo.

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov conveyed to Minister Dacic that Moscow strongly upheld a Dayton Accords, territorial firmness and government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, equivalence of 3 peoples, and a powers vested in a dual entities by a BiH Constitution. He underscored that Russia had always had a constructive team-work with a EU and a United States on Balkan issues, and that he saw no reason for this to be altered and for only one of a parties to meddle in a fortitude of informal matters.

Both Ministers resolved that a successful and tolerable end of a Belgrade-Pristina discourse would strengthen informal stability.

In their assembly in Banja Luka, a dual Foreign Ministers also discussed mutual support in general organizations and preparations for convening a Intergovernmental Committee event scheduled for October.
During his revisit in Banja Luka, Minister Dacic attended a substructure mill laying rite for a construction of a Serbia-Russia church and informative centre.

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