Visit by Minister Le Drian is a acknowledgment of a common end to make family between Serbia and France some-more energetic and substantial

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Dacic with Le DrianFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic has perceived currently Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs of a French Republic Jean Yves Le Drian.

Minister Dacic emphasized that a domestic discourse between Serbia and France was really strong and substantial, and that this revisit too served as a acknowledgment of a common finish to make a family between a dual countries even some-more energetic and substantial. Being a vital partners and chronological allies, Serbia and France will continue to minister to a graduation of a altogether team-work by a accessible discourse and honour of mutual interests.

In a considerate talks, both sides concluded on imprinting together a centenary of a finish of WWI and, in 2019, 180th anniversary given a investiture of grave tactful family between a dual countries.

Minister Dacic voiced thankfulness for a support of France to Serbia’s European formation process, recalling that a EU membership of Serbia was a unfamiliar process priority, as good as for a French support to Serbia’s candidacy as an compared member in a International Organization of La Francophonie.

France’s Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs Le Drian guarded a seductiveness of France in heightening domestic discourse and shared family with Serbia. He conveyed a goal of President Emmanuel Macron to revisit Serbia by a finish of a year and to betray a Monument of Gratitude to France on that occasion, a reformation of that was finished jointly by a dual countries. Minister Le Drian also underlined that France deliberate Serbia a personality in a segment and quite commended efforts invested by Serbia in a graduation of team-work and refuge of a fortitude in a region.

Minister Dacic presented his French reflection with a reprint book of a book by Jovan Cvijic from 1918 “Balkan Peninsula and Southern European Peoples”, as good as with a bullion silver clinging to a grand army commander Zivojin Misic. Minister Le Drian handed Minister Dacic a Document from 1915 on a instructions a French Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent to a Embassies in London, St. Petersburg and Rome concerning a support of a allies to a Serbian army and a people.

Following a talks, a Foreign Ministers of Serbia and France laid a spray during a French troops cemetery. Minister Dacic wrote in a book of fair guest as follows:
“We will always remember a intrepidity of a French soldiers who, distant from their homes, together with a Serbian soldiers, gave their lives for a ransom of a country. Serbia will never forget unstinting assistance to a army when it indispensable it most. It will always sojourn a testimony of loyalty between a dual peoples and of a fondness between Serbia and France though also an lavish source of impulse for a adore of freedom. That is because Serbia loves France only like France desired Serbia.

Let almighty excellence be to a heroes!”

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