Visit by a SEEGROUP members to a Republic of Serbia

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Branimir FilipovicThe Group of diplomats from a SEEGROUP participating states (Southeast Europe Security Cooperation Steering Group), chaired by a Mission of a Republic of Serbia to NATO in 2018, is on a revisit to Belgrade, from 16 to 19 Oct 2018.

SEEGROUP is an spontaneous and stretchable forum for confidence and domestic consultations on a topics of significance for a segment of Southeast Europe, entertainment member of NATO Members, partner countries in a segment of a Western Balkans as good as NATO West European partners.

The SEEGROUP commission attended a lecture in a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on 17 October, hold by Head of a Directorate for NATO and Partnership for Peace Zoran Jovanovic, with a appearance of Head of a Directorate for a Common Security and Defence Policy, Security Challenges and Arms Control Igor Kuzelka, Head of a Directorate for a EU Sectoral Policies Snezana Stojic and Coordinator during a Directorate for Neighbouring Countries and countries of Southeast Europe Goran Gvozdenovic.

The guest were introduced with sum of partner team-work between a Republic of Serbia and NATO, by a Partnership for Peace Program, formed on a routine of troops neutrality of Serbia, activities in a context of CSDP, confidence hurdles and arms control, European formation routine as good as a family between Serbia and a beside and countries of Southeast Europe.

Acting Assistant Minister, Ambassador Filipovic hosted a cooking on a same day, in honour of a SEEGROUP delegation, that was one some-more event for a sell of views on many issues of mutual interest.

During their stay in Belgrade, a SEEGROUP member had a assembly in a Ministry of Defence and will also attend a opening rite of a 8th Belgrade Security Forum.

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