Minister Dacic during UN Security Council assembly clinging to a work of UNMIК

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UN DacicStatement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia, H. E. Mr. Ivica Dacic during a assembly of a UN Security Council clinging to a work of UNMIK.

Mr. President,
Distinguished Members of a Security Council,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I appreciate Secretary-General Guterres and Special Representative Tanin also on this arise for a acquiescence of a Report and for their loyalty and rendezvous in a doing of a charge of a United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) in suitability with UNSCR 1244 (1999). we also commend and denote my thankfulness to a President and a Members of a Security Council for a endless courtesy they accord, on a basement of continuity, to a consideration, examination and bargain of this emanate that is of peerless significance for a Republic of Serbia.

Some members of a Security Council suggested also before this assembly that, in a display of a Statements, we hang to a subject of a meeting, denote constructiveness and contend ease and equivocate all provocations and confrontation. Just as we did in my prior Statement, we shall concentration on a stream conditions in Kosovo and Metohija and a developments that took place in a preceding quarter, as good as on a Report of a Secretary-General. we wish that Priština’s deputy will also honour these recommendations and that she will not, as she did in a past, reason story lessons full of falsehoods and ungrounded accusations, as good as uncalled-for embellishments of a conditions in Kosovo and Metohija disregarding, all along, a Report of a Secretary-General and a realities on a ground.

And a existence on a belligerent is that a First Agreement of beliefs statute a normalization of family was sealed as early as Aug 2013 and that that Agreement provides for a investiture of a Community of Serb infancy municipalities. we would like to remind we that we sealed this Agreement together with Hashim Thaçi and Catherine Ashton. As we know really well, a investiture of a Community is a doubt of crucial, huge significance for Serbia as it is directed during ensuring and safeguarding a critical interests of a Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija and during improving their bland life. Four and a half years now has Serbia been watchful patiently for Priština to do this requirement of essential importance. In a meantime, 30 non-permanent Member States have been in and out of this venerable physique and any and any one of them called on Priština to do a obligations. Unfortunately, rather than forward, a transformation so distant has been usually backward. In his Report, a Secretary-General records that not usually “[t]here was not swell toward a investiture of a Community/Association of Serb infancy municipalities,” though that “[n]o indications were supposing about when and how stairs towards a investiture of a Association/Community competence be progressed.” This is a existence on a ground, renowned Members of a Security Council.

I would like to remind we also on this arise that Serbia’s appearance in a discourse between Belgrade and Priština was dedicated and obliged and that, irrespective of a hurdles and challenges, my nation approached it in loyal faith that a resolution of all superb issues in a standing neutral horizon will minister to peace, stabilization of a conditions and a fulfilment of conditions for a Western Balkans’ unfettered swell toward a EU membership. Convinced that this proceed has no choice and that all issues contingency be resolved by discourse and peacefully, Serbia has, for a part, implemented a obligations consistently and in good faith. we stress once again that Serbia is prepared to continue a dialogue; however, it is really controversial if any new agreement will have any definition during all if, 4 and a half years after a signing of a Brussels Agrrement, we continue to be saddled with a miss of „indications” as to „when and how” a partial family to a investiture of a Community will be implemented.

Distinguished Members of a Security Council,

The existence on a belligerent is that Oliver Ivanović, a personality of a Civil Initiative Freedom, Democracy, Justice, was shot passed in Kosovska Mitrovica on 16 Jan and that his murder has threatened a certainty in Kosovo and Metohija dramatically. We acquire a greeting of Special Representative Tanin who cursed this hideous act and called for a rapid and unaffected investigation, providing assurances that all general agencies will support a authorities and assistance them detain those obliged for this crime.

The murder of Oliver Ivanović is a meaningless militant act that threatens a fortitude not usually of northern Kosovo and Metohija, though also of a whole region. Serbia’s domestic leaders and State authorities called for ease and stabilization of a conditions in a Province also on this occasion. My country’s obliged proceed was reconfirmed also on 21 and 22 Jan when President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić visited a Serbs in northern and executive Kosovo and Metohija and called on them to contend stability, peace, ease and dignity, emphasizing that all problems contingency be solved by discourse and peacefully.

Aware of a earnest of a situation, Serbia addressed letters to UNMIK and EULEX requesting that a State viscera take partial in a review of a murder, assured that their appearance would minister to a discerning and fit investiture of a truth. The ask was reiterated also by President Vučić in his write review with Hashim Thaçi. It was deserted by a Provisional Institutions of Self-Government (PISG) in Kosovo and Metohija; they insisted that a review be conducted exclusively by a review authorities of ‘Kosovo’. The reality, however, is that, 3 weeks after a murder, we have no information whatsoever, solely for a sign by some of a Priština member that a settling of accounts within inner mafia is endangered and that, surely, a murder was not ethnically motivated. These statements offer to blear Priština’s inability or miss of willingness to control review of this hideous crime.

I stress once again that bringing those who systematic a crime and a perpetrators to justice, as good as substantiating a motives of a crime, are of pivotal significance for progressing assent and trust among a race of Kosovo and Metohija. This comfortless eventuality proves that a altogether certainty conditions in a whole Province is really serious, flighty and supportive and that a appearance of a general village is needed.

Mr. President,

The existence on a belligerent is also that, during a finish of a final year and during a commencement of this, a energy structures and a domestic parties and their leaders in Kosovo and Metohija attempted to devaluate a law on a Specialist Chambers set to try a allegations of crimes committed by a Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). There is no need to assure we of Serbia’s courtesy for we were astounded and endangered over these developments yourselves. In his Report, a Secretary-General expresses low disappointment; he goes on to contend that this is a step back in one of a many critical areas and strongly calls on Priština to denote joining to probity and a sequence of law. U.S. Ambassador Greg Dellaway pronounced on a arise that any beginning to change a Specialist Chambers Law will have surpassing disastrous impact on Kosovo’s European destiny and a family with a United States. Head of a EU Office in Priština Nataliya Apostolova pronounced that she was repelled by a Kosovo Assembly beginning to devaluate or revoke in any other proceed a Law on Specialist Chambers and a Specialist Prosecutor’s Office. German Ambassador Christian Heldt warned that a rescission of a preference to settle Specialist Chambers could impact a family between Kosovo and a friends abroad.

These statements are transparent justification that a general village does not share a views of those who are behind a beginning and believes that a iniquitous crimes committed opposite a Serbs and other non-Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija, reported by Parliamentary Assembly of a Council of Europe Special Rapporteur Dick Marty, contingency not sojourn unpunished and can't be relativized or justified.

Mindful of dignified shortcoming toward a victims and their families, we cruise that a investiture of rapist shortcoming in an just and convincing proceed and a punishment of criminals will have infinite impact on a quarrel opposite parole and denote that probity is practicable for all victims. we would like to assure we once again that Serbia is prepared to yield justification it possesses on a elect of heartless crimes, a crimes no government of stipulations runs out on, a crimes that contingency not be forgotten.

In suitability with a laws, wholly aligned with general law, Serbia will continue to prosecute those for whom there is convincing justification that they have committed rapist offences of fight crimes opposite municipal race in Kosovo and Metohija. The positions assigned by some people in a PISG can't and contingency not deter us from achieving probity and they do not recover these people from rapist shortcoming for perpetration of a offences. In this context, we were endangered and unhappy with INTERPOL’s new decisions to mislay general detain warrants for a certain series of persons from Kosovo and Metohija from a lists, including Hashim Thaçi and Ramush Haradinaj. Let me contend unquestionably that these decisions emanate precedents tough to know and that they have been taken discordant to all a manners of a organization.

Distinguished Members of a Security Council,

Regrettably, a existence is that a supposed President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, pardoned 3 KLA members, condemned to 30 years in prison, for murdering a whole 5-member Albanian Hajra family nearby Glogovac in Aug 2001. The victims enclosed 3-year-old Adelina and 9-year-old Mimoza. According to a EULEX report, father Hamza Hajra was a member of a Ministry of a Interior of a Republic of Serbia and a whole family was killed as an act of KLA retaliation. In a corner communiqué, a Embassies of France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and a United States in Priština voiced low courtesy during a preference of Hashim Thaçi to atonement a criminals. we don’t have to assure we of a courtesy that this preference caused among a Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I remember that, in further to about 16,500 internally replaced persons in a Province, some-more than 200,000 still reside outward Kosovo and Metohija in Central Serbia some-more than 18 years after a attainment of general presences. Only 1.9 per cent of them have achieved tolerable earnings to that UNMIK should settle additional and limit attention. It is remarkable in a Report that “the lowest series of earnings given 2000” was available in 2017 as, sadly, usually 498 persons returned to a Province. On a one hand, this series is shocking; on a other, it is distinct and begs a doubt of who is prepared to lapse to where they will humour taste any day, where nationalistic and eremite loathing is not sanctioned, where skill is not protected, where jobs are few, where people are unprotected to intimidation, capricious arrests and ethnically encouraged violence, where they can't revisit a graves of their forefathers and where a sequence of law is implemented by institutions that have not brought a singular legally-valid preference for a murdering of a vast series of Serbs given a finale of a conflict. we poise a doubt again: Who would wish to lapse and be a partial of this reality? Before these problems are resolved structurally and institutionally, a series of returnees will, regrettably, usually be lower.

In his Report, a Secretary-General recites “continued miss of swell in implementing […a] statute of a Constitutional Court of Kosovo” associated to a skill right of a Dečani Monastery to a land in a environs. we would like to underline also on this arise that a insurance of a historical, informative and eremite birthright of a Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija, that is during a same time an critical partial of a European and universe heritage, is a doubt of priority significance for a Republic of Serbia. In that context, let me mention, as quite harmful, institutional attempts to disguise a loyal temperament of a Serbian birthright in a Province, that is frequently designated as medieval, Balkan or Byzantine. The essential charge of Serbian, however, is being left out of these designations all along.

Mr. President,
Distinguished Members of a Security Council,

Convinced that a responsible, picturesque and receptive proceed is indispensable in a family with Priština, Serbia continues a inner discourse to that President Vučić called a citizens. A Working Group has been determined to support a discourse conducted on a series of levels and with appearance of all applicable amicable groups. we assure we that Serbia wants to make a critical and obliged grant to a fortitude of a region, domestic cooperation, bargain and mercantile progress. We wish to offer a resolution that would yield an event for an ancestral agreement with a Albanian village in Kosovo and Metohija and will not means new divisions, misunderstandings, instability and conflict. This resolution contingency honour a interests of Serbia and a needs of a Serbian village in Kosovo and Metohija. To grasp this goal, genuine joining and aspirations of both sides are indispensable in sequence to build a really required trust and respect. To that end, we would like to indicate out that a inapt and disconcerting statements finished by some leaders of Albanian domestic parties are not contributive to a origination of a constructive atmosphere for a feat of a chronological agreement.

Let me stress in sold that Priština’s biased acts, as good as any and any try to solve questions unilaterally, are wholly unsuitable for Serbia. Serbia, we underline, is resolutely against to Priština’s intentions to form a “Army of Kosovo”; these and other identical attempts are really dangerous and might potentially bluster not usually a certainty of a Province and a discourse between Belgrade and Priština, though also a fortitude of a whole region.

In addition, we have been witness, for some time now, to Priština’s attempts to turn a bone-fide member of general organizations in annoy of a antithesis by a substantial series of countries, including even some that have famous a UDI of ‘Kosovo’. The final instances have been ‘Kosovo’s attempts to turn a member of UNESCO, INTERPOL and a World Customs Organization. All these attempts, let me indicate out, are discordant to a simple beliefs of general law and unpropitious to, and needlessly politicizing of, a work of general organizations.

I take this event to denote special thankfulness to all a countries that, with courtesy to this question, extend support to Serbia and that, during a same time, insist, alongside Serbia, on scrupulous honour for zodiacally supposed norms of a contemporary general sequence family to support consistently a beliefs of government and territorial firmness of all States.

In my Statement, we would like to remind we that, for a decade now, i.e. given ‘Kosovo’ announced autonomy by a uneven act, Serbia has patiently, dedicatedly and responsibly familiar a general village of a apparent risk from uneven acts and admonished that a UDI of ‘Kosovo’ is a really dangerous and unsuitable fashion which, as we have witnessed, has already emboldened other separatist and secessionist movements all over a world.

As in a past, Serbia continues to take measures to strengthen a inhabitant and State interests, with full honour for a simple postulates of general law, essentially a beliefs of government and territorial firmness as concept values reasserting leisure and equivalence among States and peoples. In that regard, we would like to appreciate once again a States that have not famous a UDI of ‘Kosovo’ for their unchanging support and scrupulous honour of a Charter of a United Nations and UNSCR 1244 (1999). At a same time, we call on a States that have finished so to recur their preference and inspire in that proceed both sides to find a jointly excusable resolution by dialogue.

In a end, we would like to call on all Members of a Security Council to concentration together on a query for a concede and tolerable resolution to this decades-long doubt and to wholly support UNMIK in a meantime as a unfettered appearance in Kosovo and Metohija is of pivotal significance for building durability peace, fortitude and security, as good as certainty among communities, and elucidate a problems confronting a members of a Serbian and other non-Albanian communities in a Province. In that context, we would indicate out a significance of progressing UNMIK’s financial and crew capacities that will make it probable for a Mission to accommodate a formidable final of a doing of a mandate.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

What we spoke about currently has been a testimony that problems are numerous, that certainty conditions is flighty and that commitment, calm and tough work are indispensable for us to be means to communicate, in 3 months, to a general village from this same place a opposite reality.

For a part, Serbia is ready, looking brazen to a future, to deposit all a resources to make a grant toward feat of these goals.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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