Ambassador Filipovic spoke with Admiral Michelle Howard

Acting Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Security Policy, Ambassador Branimir Filipovic spoke currently with Admiral Michelle Howard, NATO Commander of Allied Joint Force Command in Naples.

During a assembly they exchanged views on a conditions in a segment and on that arise a joining of a Republic of Serbia to informal team-work was confirmed, with a aim of preserving assent and stability, as good as serve alleviation of a mercantile growth of a whole region.

Both sides voiced their compensation with a turn and dynamics of a growth of a team-work between a Republic of Serbia and NATO.

Ambassador Filipovic emphasized that Serbia was implementing a process of troops neutrality, but aspirations towards NATO membership or any other troops alliance. He forked out a successful team-work between a Serbian Armed Forces and KFOR, underlining that a unmodified participation of KFOR in a southern range was really critical for guaranteeing a confidence and presence of a Serbian village in Kosovo and Metohija and for preserving a informative and eremite heritage.

Both sides assessed that domestic discourse during a top municipal and troops turn was intense, as good as a unsentimental team-work in many areas, that was realized, in a mutual interest, within a Partnership for Peace programme.

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