Ambassador of Macedonia summoned to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs per a expelled transcripts of eavesdropped conversations of a Serbian Embassy staff member

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logo ministarstvaAmbassador of a Republic of Macedonia to a Republic of Serbia Vera Jovanovska was summoned currently to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia for obligatory talks directed during explaining a resources that have led to drumming write conversations between Counsellor of a Embassy of a Republic of Serbia in Skopje Goran Zivaljevic, President of a Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia Ivan Stoilkovic and publisher of “Politika” Miroslav Lazanski, as good as a fact that these transcripts were leaked to a public.

The Macedonian side was asked either ambassadors of other countries, whose group member were seen in a Sobranje building during a protests in Skopje, were also summoned to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia, or was that usually a box with a Ambassador of Serbia.

Ambassador Jovanovska staid that applicable Macedonian services did not have information on a participation of members of other unfamiliar services during a demonstration during a Sobranje, and that she had no information as to how a pronounced transcripts finished adult in a Serbian media. The Ambassador indicated that transition of energy in Macedonia was underway, and voiced her certainty that all misunderstandings would be staid in a duration ahead.

Assistant Foreign Minister Goran Aleksic and Chief of Office of a Minister of Foreign Affairs Dejan Zlatanovic asked Ambassador Jovanovska to communicate to Skopje a expectations of Serbia that good-neighbourly family could be grown and extended usually formed on mutual honour and confluence to generally-accepted tactful principles, such as respect and equal diagnosis of all members of a general community.

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